Brian Bonar Well-Known Leader in the Financial World

Brian Bonar is well-known in the financial world. As you can tell from his involvement in different companies, he is a much sought out individual.

But the success he has achieved came with a lot of work. In his early years, he utilized his technical knowledge at QMS, managing over 100 people. Then at Adaptec, he put on a different hat, and worked as a sales manager. As you begin to peel his work history back from his early beginnings you can see that each position that he held pushed his expertise and knowledge to a greater level. After holding different positions in different companies he formed his own company, called Bezier Systems.

However, his creative mind and drive didn’t allow him to remain satisfied with just being the owner of his own company. Instead, he moved forward with new opportunities and challenges. His previous positions included: Chairman and Secretary of Warning Management Services,

Chairman and CEO of Solvis Group, Inc., Vice President Worldwide Sales and Marketing of Bezler System, Manager Worldwide Sales of Adaptec, Inc.,Vice President Sales and Marketing of Rastek Corp, Executive Director-Engineering of QMS, Inc., Smart-Tek Automated Services, Inc. President, CEO, member of the Board of Directors, Allegiant Professional Business Services, Co-President, and The Amanda Company, Inc.

As of 2016, Brian Bonar is employed at Dalrada Financial Corp, Chairman and CEO. The Dalrada Financial Corporation specializes in services that benefit the staffing needs of PEO companies. To note, until November 2016, he was Chairman, President, CEO, CFO and Secretary of Trucept Inc.

Trucept Inc offers administrative staffing and aftermarket services to clients in the following areas: payroll processing, human resources support, safety programs, employee benefits, workers’ compensation insurance, and risk management. After being with Trucept Inc since 2011, Bonar announced his retirement on November 9, 2016.

His educational background includes:Bachelor’s Degree from Strathclyde, MBA and PhD in International Business Development Studies from Stafford University, England UK. He holds honorary title, Lord Bonar of Wilcrick, Cardiff, Wales United Kingdom.

How Eric Lefkofsky Plans To Fight Cancer

A Billionaire Chooses A New Fight

Eric Lefkofsky has done well for himself over the course of his life. Thanks to smart investments and numerous start ups he has founded, Lefkofsky currently has a net worth of more than $1 billion. He doesn’t hoard his wealth or hesitate to help others in need with his wealth. In fact, Lefkofsky has set a new goal for himself. With the help of Big Data analytics, he wants to finally put an end to cancer.

Big Data Paves A Way

The latest startup from Lefkofsky is Tempus. Designed with Big Data analytics in mind, Tempus helps physicians treat cancer patients by creating custom therapy solutions based around the unique genomic sequence of every person. One person, for instance, may have a weaker immune system than most patients. This would mean that Tempus would avoid recommending immunotherapy based cancer treatments because the patient would not do well. The ultimately end goal for all of this is to give patients the benefits of personalized medicine. Treating every patient with medicine designed specifically for each individual is the future of healthcare in America.

Commitment To The Greater Good

The career and life of Eric Lefkofsky has always involved finding ways to make life better for others. Much of his philanthropy work is centered around the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. With the assistance of his wife Liz Lefkofsky, he uses the foundation to help other hundreds of charities around the world doing everything from scientific research to humanitarian aid. However, the greatest area of interest for Lefkofsky is assisting children in need. Helping those who are unable to help themselves is the greatest value Lefkofsky holds, and helping children is essentially a way of building a brighter future.

A Bright Future Ahead

Entrepreneurship is a very difficult profession. In order to reach the point that he has, Lefkofsky had to make accurate predictions and act on them quickly. His latest mission, curing cancer, isn’t too easy either. However, his years of experience give him the perfect position to tackle cancer. He understands the power of Big Data and how Big Data has changed marketing and other areas of industry. He predicts a similar revolution will occur in medicine with the help of Big Data. If Eric Lefkofsky is proven right, we may witness an entirely new world of medicine in practice.

Oncotarget – Focusing on Oncology

Oncology is the study and treatment of tumors. This branch of medicine focuses on the prevention, diagnoses, and treatment of cancer. Medical professionals on who practice this area of medicine are referred to as oncologists.

Oncotarget is a peer reviewed open access medical journal that covers research and different aspects of oncology. The journal was established in 2010 band published by Impact Journals. The editors in chief are Adrei V. Gudkov and Mikhail Blagosklonny who are responsible for keeping the journal up and running.

How Often is the Journal Published?

Oncotarget is still being published even today by its original publisher, Impact Journals. The journal has a weekly publication filled with research, interviews, and articles focusing on the study of oncology. Ever since its launched, Oncotarget has published a total of 370 papers focused on oxygen related topics. Gregg Semenza along has had seven papers on the subject published to Oncotarget alone.

Expanding Their Journal Platform

Oncotarget has continued to expand their journal platform and introduce new ways of spreading information in the field of oncology. They are currently offering Free Altmetric Article Reports that are a new part of their journal platform. This new platform offers real time tracking of article coverage on both traditional and digital media channels. This is usually before the list of traditional citations that often come with this wave of information can begin to build up.

The peer reviewed medical journal on Research has also started to expand from the research and study of oncology into other areas in the medical field too. They’ll be launching sections and accepting papers on several topics beyond the study of oncology that include the following:

• Gerotarget/Aging
• Immunology/Microbiology
• Neuropathology/Neuroscience
• Endocrinology
• Cardiology
• Metabolism
• Cell & Mol Biology
• Pharmacology (all areas)

The journal’s impact factor has had an average rating of 5.415 over the course of the five years it’s been published. The journal also holds the number one ranking on Total Documents for the 2015 year along all journals in oncology. Even the term, oncotarget, is a nod to the study of oncology. Oncotarget is a term that refers to all cellular functions, molecules, and pathways that are common to microbes, cancer and aging, lymphocytes and neurons, neurodegeneration and atherosclerosis. Their mission is to make the scientific results of this line of research widely and rapidly available in the field of medicine. They allow insightful reviews and the impact of research to come to light so such discoveries can be shared quickly. Source:

How Job Seekers Receive Information From Brian Torchin?

Job seekers in the medical industry are often at a loss while searching for jobs, and they feel as though a job will never appear. Jobs may be scarce in certain parts of the industry, and applicants may throw their resume into a pool that is simply too small.

This article explains how Brian Torchin has created a proper medical staffing house complete with a blog he uses to help his clients. He is not satisfied with a simple placement. Brian wishes to help everyone find their dream job.

#1: Where Are Jobs In The Medical Industry?

Each job found by an applicant falls in a portion of the medical industry that is categorized for its purpose. Supervision and management are quite different from medical caregivers. Home care is far different from working as a medical assistant, and applicants must put in their applications where they are most likely to be hired.

#2: How Does Brian Help?

Brian is a researcher at heart, and he looks into every part of the industry to learn how hiring is completed by those offices. He wants to know how someone will have the highest possibility of getting a job, and he wants to see the average resume of a hired worker. He uses that information to post on his blog, and he speaks to clients about using their resume for good.

#3: Adjusting Resumes And Find Job Placements

According to Indeed, Brian Bonar offers quite a lot of information on creating resumes, and he shares information with his clients that will ensure they are hired more often than not. He tells applicants how to respond to questions in interviews, and he reviews resumes to ensure applicants are putting in for the right jobs. His work is posted online, and the blog serves as an information resource for all job hunters.

The jobs found by Brian Torchin are uncovered with quite a lot of research. He works quite a lot with new clients who are new to the job search, and he helps clients who wish to move up in the world. Brian has an infinite mind for medical job placement, resumes and interview assistance.

Nationwide Title Clearing is a Leading Residential Mortgage Lending Service Provider

About NTC
Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. is a privately-owned document-processing and the leading provider of residential mortgage industry research service. NTC is also a significant provider of post-closing services for the nation’s largest investors and financial institutions. NTC supplies its mortgage lending services to investors across the United States. The company is ranked among the top ten residential mortgage service providers in the country. The company’s contributions are responsible for the recent expansion in the local community residential mortgage industry. NTC has been recognized as one of the fastest growing American companies. The company has been acknowledged five times by the Tampa Bay Times Top 100 Workplace Designation throughout its history.

NTC Launches a New Standard Performance Training Package Offering
Nationwide Title Clearing confirmed the establishment of a new innovative service on 28th September 2016. The service is intended to supply comprehensive training on the basics of residential mortgage finance. The new service presents best standard performance training package for investors, lenders, and mortgage servicers after several years of development. The training program will be delivered to client locations or at the NTC Training Center located in Palm Harbor, FL or Dallas, TX for a couple of days.

Dave LaRose is the Technical Excellence President of the company. Dave was crucial in the development of this new service. Dave is an industry veteran with experience of over 30 years. He is NTC’s quality and training resident expert.

Dave says that the new training offering will allow people to understand their responsibilities and what to do during the loan life cycle. He says that people are less likely to make mistakes when they understand their responsibilities.

Dave LaRose also says that technical excellence presents the company with actual perfection standards. He adds that the training is planned to make the residential mortgage lending industry reasonable to the investors. The new service will apparently explain why the industry process of NTC is crucial in maintaining the county level honesty of US land records.

NTC Opens a New Data Center Office in Dallas, Texas
NTC announced the opening of a new agency in Dallas, Texas. The new office will feature a new data center that will host NTC’s Chief Information Security Officer by the name Scotty McEntire. John Hillman is the NTC’s Chief Executive Officer. He pronounced that the new Dallas facility would allow the company to react promptly to customer needs with the staff remaining fully operational and without any loss of data.

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Securus Technologies Inc. Continues to Quality Services

Securus Technologies Inc. is one of the leaders in the provision of communication services in prisons. We have been in the forefront always to ensure that our customers are getting quality services. The organization has been treating our clients as part of the group, and their comment matters a lot in our business and service we offer. In Securus Technologies Inc. we have been upgrading our services and products to ensure quality services.

We have also been receiving thousands of emails and letters from the inmates, family and friends on how to improve our services as well as how they have benefited from our services and products. Some of the comments are as listed below.

  • One of the clients said that our LBS Software system has been helpful and they believe will also be of benefit in the future.
  • Another customer mentioned that they listened to a conversation between an inmate and their family and the conversation gave some information that will be essential in the case of the detainee.
  • The report data that we deliver has been a benefit to a number of organization in helping to curb contraband goods.

Securus Technologies Inc. is a leading service provider of communication services as well as products to the correctional institutions. Securus Technologies was founded in 1986, and it has its Headquarters in Dallas Texas with other regional offices in Carrollton, Allen, and Atlanta Georgia. Since the Company was established, it has been marvelously growing, and we have been serving correctional institutions and staffs across the Northern part of America. We serve more than 3450 correctional facilities and more than 260000 inmates.

In Securus Technologies we are committed to offering emergency response, public information, investigation, biometric analysis, inmates self-services, data management, communication as well as monitoring of services and products to ensure safety in the prisons as well as the world in general. Our as Securus Technologies mission is always to connect what matters.


Diversant LLC: Providing Quality IT Staffing Solutions to America

Diversant has proved established itself as one of the country’s premier IT staffing agency. Since its inception back in the year 1994, Diversant has helped hundreds of companies with their services which includes staffing services and a whole range of technological solutions like IT staff augmentation, unique diversity solutions to IT firms across the country and even Fortune 500 companies. The headquarters of the company is located in New Jersey and Gene Waddy holds the position as the Chief Marketing Officer of the company. John Goullet sits as the Chief Principal of the business and as a founding father of the IT Staffing agency.

Goullet founded Diversant LLC after realizing the need for a separate IT staffing agency that could cater to the demands of the industry. John started his career as an IT consultant before moving on to form his own business with the tech staffing start up. As he had a good understanding of the emerging market trends in the country, there was a quick change in focus with Diversant LLC which looked forward to providing diverse staffing solutions to the IT industry in the country. John initially started out as the Chief Marketing Officer of the firm and within the first 5 years of his tenure, the company managed to build itself from the ground as one of the most sought out company within the country growing to almost $30 million. John’s leadership qualities paved the way for the company being recognized over the globe. Diversant LLC won the 500 fastest growing private firms in the United States securing a number 8 position. The company earned a revenue of $120 million last year being ranking as SIA’s 2016 Largest Staffing Firms in the United States. Diversant was involved in a merger with Info Technologies that lead to the creation of Diversant LLC.

John has been a true pioneer in the IT industry being an innovator and creator of successful businesses in the IT sector over the years. John has many years of experience under his belt working for companies like TSR consultants, The Constell Group and 3D Information Services.

The Amazing Contributions Of John Halpern

Jason Halpern is the principal in the company JMH Development. In 2015 JMH opened a gorgeous hotel located in Miami Beach. This project includes 235 rooms and a tower eight stories tall. The actual building was handled by Plaza Construction, whose architect is Aloft South Beach or ASB. The hotels rooms are much larger than the competitors, with a size of 360 square feet each. This waterfront property accesses the Collins canal will surround the property.


This property is located directly in the heart of South Beach, putting it within a few minutes distance of some of the cities major attractions and amenities. From culture to shopping to fine dining, it is all readily available and close by. The outside pool, lounge on the roofs deck, and center for fitness make this a beautiful, decadent hotel. The live bands featured there make this a worthwhile location for anyone wanting an attractive get away.


Jason Halpern was born in 1975 and is predominantly a developer in the real estate field. He has restored quite a few historic buildings in his career. He took control of his families business in 2010. There is over $500 million dollars invested in state projects for New York. One of these specific projects involves creating luxury town homes in Brooklyn New York. Jason Halpern has committed himself to the creation of beautiful, creative buildings to grace both properties for rent as well as commercial properties in New York.


John Halpern has built up JMH through a combination of due diligence, adept strategies, the branding of the company and an expertise in marketing. He has put together a specialized team who understand every facet of development in both the residential and commercial markets. His expertise has allowed him to develop a rather unique knowledge of what is needed in the market to make his company a thriving success. There is absolutely no doubt that he represents only the highest standards of quality, in the most well build and long standing of properties. His devotion and dedication to the complete restoration of historical properties makes his contributions and experience an exceptional value for New York.


Keith Mann – A Visionary Entrepreneur

Keith Mann is a successful entrepreneur, founder, and CEO of a reputed executive search firm, Dynamics Search Partners (DSP). Established in 2009, DSP has been working with both domestic and international companies for managing, developing their hiring process and marketing strategy. DSP was built from the former company Dynamics Associates. The name remains the same as the owner wanted it to be familiar for his existing clients.

Mann grew up in the New York City and knows a lot of professional as part of his professional career. He has been a leader, trendsetter and revolutionist on the specialized executive search sector. With over 15 years of knowledge, skill and passion to his work, Mann has built a strong client base in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

As a CEO, the major responsibilities of Mann include day to day management of the business. He works closely with his clients to achieve their individual goals. During his working hours, he attends meetings, answer phones and receive a lot of emails. Finding the best candidates is the main challenge and he uses both traditional and network-based knowledge and information to source the best fit for his clients. Moreover, he always tries to be focused and believes in a proper preparation before starting new work.

Mann is pleased with the progress he made so far. During an interview, he was asked if he gets a chance what will he change in his life? Unlike others, he didn’t want any changes in his life. All of the lessons he gets, the people he met during his professional career, he learned a lot from all of them.

Keith Mann is a huge fan of Google office products. The ability to have different people work on the same document gives him great comfort while sharing files with colleagues. He also uses LinkedIn for hiring and growing his network. The life of Michael Bloomberg influences him a lot due to his achievements in life.

Mann loves his morning workout and takes a good care of his health. He also likes to spend time with his kids in his leisure time.

Keith Mann: Supporting The Police

This is a tricky time to be an American, there is no question about it. There are a lot of people with various opinions and in some ways, we are more than divided than ever and in other ways, we are closer than ever. It is all about how we approach it and how we look at it, at the end of the day. One person that chooses to look on the bright side of things and look at the positives is Keith Mann of Dynamics Search Partners. He is a person that is filled with positive energy and vibes. He is always looking to help people out in any way that he can and that is something to most certainly admire about him.


When he sets his mind to doing something good for someone, he goes all the way and he does not hold back in how he handles it. Right now, it is not a secret that the police are under a lot of fire and getting criticized quite a bit. In many ways, it is unfair. Unless someone has walked a mile in the shoes of a policeman, they don’t know the struggle they have to endure and what the job entails. They might think they know, but until they have put in the line of fire, it is a whole different ball game.


That is why Keith Mann is beyond grateful for all they have done to keep the world safe. They work around the clock and many of them are underpaid and underappreciated. He wanted to remind them that they are appreciated and people do care about them. After all, his uncle is a detective. Because of this, he has a personal connection with it. He treated the NYPD 54th precinct to lunch not once but twice. That is just the kind of guy he is. He wanted to show some support for them and let them know he he has their back during this trying time and they are going to get through it and be better off in the long run because of it.


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