FreedomPop continues global expansion

Founded in 2011, mobile service upstart FreedomPop offers users basic cellular, voice and data plans plus low-cost Wi-Fi services that provide users with unlimited use and automatic sign-out at 10 million hotspots across the United States at a nominal cost. This FreedomPop review shows the service could be shake-up for higher rate premium carriers that have rolled out their own LTE services.

The company’s freemium services began with the goal of bridging the digital divide by providing fast free internet to all users and they have by providing users with 500 MB of free 4G data each month. The service’s wireless network operates across multiple devices on Android and iOS. FreedomPop as connections with McDonald’s, Starbucks, Burger King plus Best Buy with more hotspots continuing to be added. The company has also added a sizable amount to its bankroll in January to continue a global rollout for international customers. Products include a new ‘free hotspot’ at an initial low-cost that gives freedom Pop users free data in 25 countries plus a SIM accessing free calls in multiple regions in Europe.

There are indications that the company is in talks with their investors to include investment from Uber. The potential, as yet undisclosed new investor may also integrate FreedomPop with other services within its portfolio. Company insiders have also advised they are making significant headway in working with new carriers to grow its services both, domestically and internationally. Customers of FreedomPop pay only for what they use helping its international expansion continue to grow with services within the United Kingdom market seeing a conversion rate of over 45 percent after its service launch into the U.K. market in 2015.

The FreedomPop SIM provides coverage in Europe with plans to continue expansion into France, Germany, Italy and more with reports advising there will be coverage extended to 40 countries by year’s end 2016, including Asia and Latin America.


ClassDojo Changing The Face of Teaching

ClassDojo began as a developmental platform that assisted communications between parents and teachers. The main idea behind the site was to be a help for parents and teachers to assist their pupils in continued growth in their studies. Since its humble beginnings, ClassDojo has grown to become one of the most accessed developmental teaching helps available today.

It goes without saying that without a proper way to access and convey ideas, teaching individuals core materials and ideas become troublesome. When a student is involved in a classroom work, and doesn’t understand his or her lessons or general concepts, is a failure all the way around, not only for the students, but also for teachers and parents who are trying to assist and better their pupils.

ClassDojo has managed to raise $21 million for its initial expansion. It is their hopes that the helper will become an application that is used by many schools to better bridge the gap between faculty, parents and students. The founders of the platform, Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don believe that the time for a platform such as acceptance arrived.

In today’s expanding digital age, school necessities are being replaced as the technology allows. In many cases, where students would have to support their studies with a plethora of huge physical books, now the digital age has allowed thousands of pages of material to be held in a single electronic file, which can then be read using any one of a number of different reading tools. In much the way technology has changed the face of education, Class Dojo is trying to change and better the way students, teachers and parents communicate with each other. Is there hope that such a increase in proper communication will help students reach their goals in the long run.

Now, five years after their initial startup, the application boasts millions of downloads from the Apple Store and Google Play.

With ClassDojo, now parents especially can have a more robust interaction with their sons and daughters as they learn throughout the school year. What many may consider a simple application is changing the effectiveness of teachers, and better equipping them to deal with the problems of students everyday.


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For Home and Industrial Needs a Family Business Has Been Serving The Community for 65 Years

Eucatex Group was originally founded in 1951 by Paulo Maluf. In 1954, it was in full operation in Salto. It began manufacturing eucalyptus fibers used in the production of plates. In 2010, Flavio Maluf began Eucatex under the parent company of Maluf Family. The company produces laminate floors, paints, partitions, and constructs doors for business buildings. In 2010, Eucatex had also started working on waterproofing and how to control moisture and infiltration. The company also has created fiber boards used for the back of furniture and the creation of drawers. Flavio Maluf is planning to branch into technology. According to Maluf, in 2013, technology in schools was up to 46 percent in Brazil. Teachers use the internet to help enhance teaching by taking advantage of the educational programs and software that is available to help improve the education in the classroom. Maluf finds that 7 percent of students use the internet in school and 68 percent use the internet at home. Maluf wants to continue producing household products, also and that includes rubbermaid products after acquiring Newell Rubbermaid in 2015. Flavio Maluf hopes to create food and beverage containers as well as household appliances and baby products. He also acquired the Jarden Group that had been established in 2001. The Jarden Group and the Newell Rubbermaid merger will be called Newell Brands. Flavio Maluf has hired Michael Polk, CEO of Newell Rubbermaid to handle the same position at Newell Brands.

Flavio Maluf is the current president of Eucatex and Grand Food Group. He was born on December 2, 1961 the eldest son of Paulo Maluf, a Brazilian politician and civil engineer. The Brazilian entrepreneur and engineer graduated from the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation. Maluf went on to study administrative studies at New York University.

Flavio Maluf returned to Brazil to work at his father’s company, Eucatex Group. He spent 27 years working in various areas of the company including the trade and industrial sectors before leaving in 1996 to hold the position of Eucatex CEO that his uncle appointed him to. Maluf is married and the father three grown children, and is a popular tweeter.

The Kabbalah Center Continues The Evolution Of The Faith Based Programs

Kabbalah is one of the most ancient religious programs in the world with its history rooted in the Jewish faith of ancient times. The Kaballah Centre has been working to bring the complexities of this ancient program to the people of the world who are hoping to understand more of the mysteries of faith than traditional religions provide. The Kabbalah faith has its roots in Judaism, but has also been adapted to reach people who believe in Christianity and estoeric beliefs for the maximum level of exposure across the world.

Although the Kabbalah faith has recently found popularity through the large number of celebrity followers the faith based program have attracted this is a program that has always been looked upon by religious experts as satisfying, yet difficult to complete. In fact, the ancient followers of Judaism were discouraged from following the program without being male and at least 40 years of age. The arrival of the Renaissance in Europe sprea the teachings of Kabbalah across the continent as ancient Jewish texts were studied in a bid to understand the estoeric teachings that provide a glimpse into the finite universe.

The Kabbalah Centre was established in a bid to make sure the teachings based in ancient Judaism were available to people of any faith to understand as they sought for understanding of the world around us. Rav Yehuda Tzvi Brandwein began the basis of the Kabbalah Center in Israel in 1922,before joining forces with Philip Berg in the U.S. in 1965 as the Kabbalah Centre. Berg and his wife Karen have taken control of the Kabbalah Centre and move the headquarters from New York to Los Angeles.

Under the spiritual leadership of the Berg family students can enter the programs operated by the Kabbalah Centre with little to no previous knowledge of the Hebrew texts the faith is based on. Instead of looking to religious teachings the program has been modified to allow practical teachings to take place that show all religions come from a single area of spirituality to allow all religious beliefs to be incorporated into this belief system. Visit the Kabbalah Centre’s website to learn more about locations and events.

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Kyle Bass Wants China’s Economy To Tank

Kyle Bass is no stranger to underhanded economic techniques. Consider Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, president of Argentina. This woman has defaulted Argentina’s economy not once but twice in only a matter of thirteen years. She’s been labeled a socialistic despot by some, yet Kyle Bass routinely supports her decisions. That’s very telling, from a financial angle.

Then there’s the Coalition for Affordable Drugs, a group Kyle Bass uses to undercut big-ticket pharmaceuticals, forcing them into stock declination he capitalizes on via short-sell. This cuts the pharmaceuticals’ profit, forcing them to cut departments like research and development, curtailing future medical breakthroughs.

Today, UsefulStooges reports that Kyle Bass has roughly a billion dollars tied up in the Chinese economy. Well, not specifically in the economy, as in: not “inside” it. Bass’ assets are tied up in a ring of investments against the Chinese economy. He thinks their poor investment and credit choices will yield collapse within three years, though he has publicly stated there is a forty to fifty percent chance said collapse will hit in 2016. Bass has been predicting things of this ilk against China since the fourth quarter of 2015, but as yet whether his predictions are in vain remains to be seen.

There is the matter of China’s bond market, which has slowed down so much Bass is calling it frozen. China’s bond market is worth three trillion dollars, and so its lack of mobility does definitely indicate a possible declination of Chinese economic value. But as yet this is not certain.

Bass has predicted that when China’s credit bubble bursts, it will force the economy to devalue its currency, and will diminish the US economy some twenty percent. Statistics like that are the kind to scare investors out of China. How could American money being immediately rescinded under a devaluation supposition help China’s economy? Wouldn’t it rather ease it into decline? Kyle Bass may not need all American and global investors to withdraw their investiture; only a few percentage points would probably be necessary to help tip things in his favor. Is that what he’s doing?

Shea Butter—The Best Cream for Your Skin

By now, shea butter has made its quiet mark on the world of beauty and fashion as one of the highest-quality products to make your skin feel healthy and young again, and there are a couple of reasons for this. First, it’s made with shea nuts, and these have oils in them that retain healing properties, and second, it’s got Vitamins A and E in it.

These butters, made from shea nuts, are pure, and like no other skin products, they’re able to make your skin feel like its old self again. Shea butter is produced without chemicals, for this would ruin the natural effect of the product on your skin, and it would not retain the same healing properties this way.

For the best shea butter you can find, check out EuGenia Shea. EuGenia is Naa-Sakle Akuete’s mother, and her vision for shea butter is unparalleled in Ghana, where, now, the butter is produced through sustainable cooperatives of young Ghanian women. This provides opportunities for African women, while also producing excellent shea butter.

The best one can hope for is EuGenia Shea, and the conditions of the women who make the shea butter include above-average wages and high-class training. And EuGenia Shea comes in different fragrances (all natural, of course) and has the healing qualities of just that shea butter that you’ve been hearing about.

So, try the subscription option if you’re interested. And make sure that you take note of how your blemishes and allergic rashes just disappear, almost overnight. EuGenia Shea can do this for you, and you’ll be pleased to know that the story of its inception is a good one.

Goettl Air Conditioning Rises Under Stong Leadership From Ken Goodrich

The rise of the Goettl Air Conditioning company to a position of power in Arizona and Nevada has been completed on the back of the hard work of new owner Ken Goodrich and his dedicated staff. Goodrich purchased the historic company that has been in business for over 75 years in 2012, when the company looked as though it would be forced to fight for its survival after a series of managerial mistakes damaged the brand; Goodrich has worked hard to make sure Goettl has been returned to a position as close to its historic height as it is possible to achieve in just a few short years.

Ken Goodrich has always felt a certain affinity to the Goettl brand after he spent much of his childhood working on air conditioning units created for the brand with his father. Goodrich has seen his stock rise through a number of business interests, but decided to spend as much time as possible working on the return to success of Goettl because of his personal link to the brand.

Not only does Goodrich want to create a respected company from the ashes of the former Goettl brand, but he would also like to do so by creating a team of dedicated air conditioning professionals trained in his home state of Nevada. The Goettl company now provides scholarships and sponsorship through the College of Southern Nevada in a bid to create a workforce based in the region for the long term.

Ken Goodrich always aimed to bring Goettl back to Nevada, but often found this difficult after the previous owners of the brand had removed themselves from the state for professional reasons. Goodrich has taken a different approach than he did to many of his other business ventures, including bowing to Better Business Bureau pressure to rename the brand Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning Repairmen; this name was chosen in a bid to sever the links with the previous ownership that had seen the reputations of the brand suffer in recent times.

Goettl’s dedicated team of air conditioning professionals have been seeking a change in fortune after a series of procedure changes were brought into place, which include Ken Goodrich giving his personal seal of approval for each job completed via email.

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Makari de Suisse Products and their Benefits

Makari de Suisse products are a line of products which have been manufactured in Switzerland. The name Makari stands for “beautiful” in the Swahili language. The products are made for people who would like to transform the way their skin looks like. The products are not only intended for women but also men. They can use the products to whiten their skins the right way.

Makari de Suisse products are luxurious and they are designed to give men and women of colour the option of lightening their complexion using natural products. You should definetly try their skin whitening creams! The line of luxurious products includes skincare, cosmetics and hair care products. The products are designed to suit the needs of the demographic that is people of colour.

The good news is that the products made by Makari de Suisse are manufactured with ingredients which are natural. Most bleaching products usually contain hydroquinone which is very harmful to the skin. Instead, Makari products contain natural ingredients including carrot oil, Argan oil and caviar. These combinations of oils not only help moisturise the skin but also nourish it. Those who have dry skin can also benefit from these moisturising effects of the products.

The other benefit of using the Makari de Suisse products is that they will help you fade the spots left behind by acne. They also ensure that all the stretch marks you have go away. Using the product over time will also ensure that your tone is even and your complexion whitened. The fact that the products have been made in Switzerland, a country which is reputed for their quality skin products is already an indication that they are legitimate and safe for use on your skin.

The products are in stores in Europe and you can have them sent to you if you live outside the United States. They have a line which has over 60 products which you can choose from. They range from products for children to men and women. Explore their website to look for the right product for your skin type or hair. Start your journey towards great looking skin today!

Lime Crime and Doe Deere: Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs One Unicorn At A Time

Recently, Doe Deere was interviewed in an online article on The article says that Self-Made Magazine rated her as one of the top inspiring female entrepreneurs, thanks to creating her Lime Crime makeup brand. Reporter Stephanie Janetos sat down with Deere to dish about her brand and how it all started.

Doe says that she was always into art as a child in Russia. Not only did she enjoy paint and colored pencils, but she also had fun dressing up and getting into her mother’s makeup, says the article. She says she is having more fun than she could imagine and alludes to other things being developed in her world of dazzling color.

Her first makeup memory was helping her friends dress up in witchy costumes. Nine-year- old Deere wanted their faces to look dramatic too, so she got into her mother’s makeup and gave them all a burst of magical colors, says the article. Deere explains that she experimented with dramatic makeup well into her 20s. Her online experimentation led to her developing makeup in 2008.

She got her start designing original clothing for her eBay store back in 2004, says the article. Deere says that she wanted to keep up with the online trend of silly names, so she chose her favorite color (lime) and a word that rhymed with it (crime). Now, notes Deere, the name represents a revolution in color and breaking all the fashion rules. Looking back, Deere says she may have chosen a more versatile name; however, Lime Crime is fun and very easy to Google, she says. So, the name sticks.

Deere’s Lime Crime is internet-based and she says how much she appreciates getting feedback immediately on social media. It represents the strong connection Lime Crime has with her customers, says the article. She calls her customers “unicorns” because of their uniqueness and bravery. People who wear her makeup love color and defy expectations, she says.

When the interviewer asked her about the women who inspired her, she mentioned famous people such as Dita von Teese and ladies on Instagram such as Stella Rose and Elena. Deere says it was surreal seeing her picture on the cover of Self-Made magazine. She admires entrepreneurs such as Arianna Huffington and Suze Orman. Doe Deere says that she hopes to be a role model for other women who want to be entrepreneurs. Read more on, and check out pictures of what Doe has cooked up on their Tumblr page.

Soros is Back in the Game

One of the most successful hedge fund managers in the history of the stock market has ended his hiatus and started to trade again. George Soros, owner of the 2nd largest hedge fund in America has ended his long hiatus to begin trading again. Some investors might see that as a good thing. It actually could be a bad sign for the coming months on the market. Soros has a history of both shorting investments he thinks are going to fail and making large investment moves when he thinks a huge market downturn is coming up. This looks to be just one of those cases thanks to Soros’ opinions on the future of the Chinese economy and the effects of the Brexit vote.

Soros’ company, Soros Management LLC, manages a $30 billion hedge fund for the 85-year-old investor and members of his family. George Soros made his first large trades in years last week when he took many of his stock holdings and placed them in gold and gold mining companies. Putting money in gold when they think the market is going to shift in a negative way is a common practice by shrewd investors. Gold has also been up almost 20% so far in 2016. Soros is definitely looking to capitalize on what he thinks will be an upcoming downturn in the market. The last time he made a trade like this was in 2007 during the sub-prime mortgage crisis. He made $1 billion during that period. His first famous trade was betting against the British pound in 1992. That trade also made him around $1 billion. He has made a career out of predicting huge market shifts.

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A Bearish George Soros Is Trading Again

Billionaire Investor George Soros Sees Economic Trouble Ahead

Soros has been focusing on other things in recent years. This mostly includes politics and philanthropy. He is a staunch liberal and has been known to fund many left-wing charitable organizations. He is also a huge supporter of Hillary Clinton. Soros has helped raise money for the democratic presidential nominee’s Super PAC and has worked on her behalf for years. He has also been known to donate to many other democratic politicians during their campaigns.

One the biggest reasons Soros chose to make these trades is the Chinese economy. Their lack of foreign holdings and lack of a transparent government when it comes to regulations leads Soros to believe that their economy is due for a collapse. He thinks that this could have a huge negative effect on the rest of the world’s markets. This is also true for the Brexit vote. Soros has a long history betting against the British pound and thinks that this recent vote will bring on problems for their economy in the coming months. George Soros has a long history of being right in about these kinds of situations. Let’s hope he’s wrong this time.

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