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George Soros Urges Democrat’s To Take The Fight To Donald Trump

It is fair to say the hedge fund legend George Soros is not a supporter of the incoming U.S. President Donald Trump, during the 2016 election campaign Soros went so far as to accuse Trump of doing the work of ISIS through his divisive rhetoric. The rise of what has been described as the ‘alt-right’ has obviously been of concern to George Soros as he has been inspired to return to political campaigning in the U.S. at a level on Snopes that has not been seen since the 2004 election when the Hungarian born liberal backed John Kerry over Republican President George W. Bush.

In the buildup to the 2016 election cycle on Politico in the U.S. George Soros has been seen to be more active than at any time in the last decade after he became outspoken about a number of events around the world, including the ongoing Greek debt crisis and the refugee crisis Soros believes has been driven by a Russian bombing campaign. In response to these events, George Soros formed a closer working relationship with Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton that saw the two discussing policy and campaign options on a regular basis. In return Soros provided around $25 million in funding with $15 million being provided directly to the campaign of the former First Lady.

As if to emphasize the concern George Soros has for the events taking place around the world he bypassed the Democratic National Convention on where Clinton was awarded the party’s nomination, in order to monitor the problems of debt and refugees within the borders of the European Union. Over the course of the 2016 election campaign George Soros was not only concerned with the major national elections for the President and various houses in Washington D.C. he also spent a large amount of time and money looking to assist candidates from the Democratic party who he feels could make an impression on the U.S. criminal justice system as a whole; a major emphasis was placed on pushing forward the candidacy of minority group members on who are not represented in large numbers at state and local levels.

The best efforts of George Soros and his fellow donors may not have helped bring victory for Hillary Clinton, but the man who made a reported $1 billion in a single day when the British currency was devalued in the 1990s has not decided the time has come to stand aside. Instead, Soros is hoping to lead the Democrat’s on a comeback that will begin with a dedicated push to win victories during the 2017 and 2018 state level election season that must be won to seize back some form of control in Washington for Democrat’s. Soros used a Democracy Alliance event held days after the Presidential election to discuss how best to fight the policies of Donald Trump and Republican’s who many Democrat’s feel will attempt to destroy the legacy of President Barrack Obama.

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Omar Boraie Spreads His Wings Into Scientific Research

Omar Boraie who is an Urban New Brunswick, New Jersey developer has a Chair in Genomics Science at the Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey. He has pledged $1.5 million and an anonymous donor will match the amount making the 18 chairs worth $3 million each. The funds will support the research of Precision Medicine and Genomic Research for treating and curing cancer. He wants people to be inspired to pledge for the 18 Chair Challenge and they can remain anonymous. View his profile on crunchbase.

Precision Medicine can place cancers in subcategories that have the similar characteristics and use the genetics of the patients for better results from treatments. This is a new approach to diagnosing, treating and eradicating the cancerous tumors. The diagnosis will include the genetics testing for a customized treatment for the patient. The Genome Sequencing is for patients that have limited treatment options, rare cancers, or have been diagnosed that the prescribed cancer treatment didn’t work.

The Rutgers University Cancer Institute has scientists who are physicians that have recognized that cancer is composed of many diseases with distinctive attributes. The Cancer will be classified by the Genomic Analysis instead of the location where the cancer is found. The physicians can classify the changes in the different types of cancer. This is an added guide for the physicians to customize a treatment plan that will benefit the patients.

According to Sam Boraie, son of Omar, the Rutgers Cancer Institute was one of the first facilities in the country and the only one in the state to apply Genomic sequencing as a precision medicine approach to patient care. The publications of News Wise are an integral part of the media for informing the public on what, why and where new breakthroughs are happening in the world.

The Genome Research and applying the Precision Medicine to the patient will give the patient more than a fighting chance to beat the disease. The funding from the 18 Chair Challenge will pave the way for more in-depth study of cancer biology, the changes within the cancer cells, and design more clinical trials.

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FreedomPop Offers More Than Cell Phones

FreedomPop started as a method for taking a cheaper cell phone plan, and the company has expanded to offer Internet service to anyone who needs it. The company is attempting to build a brand that does everything as cheaply as possible, and this FreedomPop review covers how they plan to do so with Internet access. The company wishes to connect as people as possible through simple cell phone services and home Internet.


#1: How Does Wireless Internet At FreedomPop Work?


FreedomPop sell customers a wifi package that may be used in their homes or offices. They set up the wireless router provided by the company, and they use it to connect any device in their house or office. The connection is instant, and it comes from a company that has one of the strongest networks in the world. They believe they will offer a faster connection, and a business may bypass expensive plans they may not like.


#2: Setting Up Home Internet


The home Internet plans that are offered by other companies with expensive installation that no one wants, and they will pay too much for the plan every month. The FreedomPop plan is much cheaper than anything else on the market, and it is offered through a simple box that anyone may use. The family need not spend all their money on an expensive plan, and they need not feel as though they cannot set up the system on their own. Families may use the wifi boxes from FreedomPop any time they like, and anyone may get them started.


#3: Connecting Quickly


Customers will find the broadcast from FreedomPop on their devices, and they may use the devices when they are ready. The signal from the wifi box at FreedomPop is powerful as their network is very strong, and customers will find the signal far more reliable than it was otherwise. They must ensure they have set it up in a place where everyone may connect easily, and they will have an Internet connection that is easy to use.


The FreedomPop brand has marked itself the finest in the industry, and they are keeping the services they offer as cheap as possible. They want to see their customers connecting more, and they want to find customers an even faster signal when it is needed. Their funding goes to building a better network that will help them remain as connected as possible.


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Brian Bonar Well-Known Leader in the Financial World

Brian Bonar is well-known in the financial world. As you can tell from his involvement in different companies, he is a much sought out individual.

But the success he has achieved came with a lot of work. In his early years, he utilized his technical knowledge at QMS, managing over 100 people. Then at Adaptec, he put on a different hat, and worked as a sales manager. As you begin to peel his work history back from his early beginnings you can see that each position that he held pushed his expertise and knowledge to a greater level. After holding different positions in different companies he formed his own company, called Bezier Systems.

However, his creative mind and drive didn’t allow him to remain satisfied with just being the owner of his own company. Instead, he moved forward with new opportunities and challenges. His previous positions included: Chairman and Secretary of Warning Management Services,

Chairman and CEO of Solvis Group, Inc., Vice President Worldwide Sales and Marketing of Bezler System, Manager Worldwide Sales of Adaptec, Inc.,Vice President Sales and Marketing of Rastek Corp, Executive Director-Engineering of QMS, Inc., Smart-Tek Automated Services, Inc. President, CEO, member of the Board of Directors, Allegiant Professional Business Services, Co-President, and The Amanda Company, Inc.

As of 2016, Brian Bonar is employed at Dalrada Financial Corp, Chairman and CEO. The Dalrada Financial Corporation specializes in services that benefit the staffing needs of PEO companies. To note, until November 2016, he was Chairman, President, CEO, CFO and Secretary of Trucept Inc.

Trucept Inc offers administrative staffing and aftermarket services to clients in the following areas: payroll processing, human resources support, safety programs, employee benefits, workers’ compensation insurance, and risk management. After being with Trucept Inc since 2011, Bonar announced his retirement on November 9, 2016.

His educational background includes:Bachelor’s Degree from Strathclyde, MBA and PhD in International Business Development Studies from Stafford University, England UK. He holds honorary title, Lord Bonar of Wilcrick, Cardiff, Wales United Kingdom.

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How Eric Lefkofsky Plans To Fight Cancer

A Billionaire Chooses A New Fight

Eric Lefkofsky has done well for himself over the course of his life. Thanks to smart investments and numerous start ups he has founded, Lefkofsky currently has a net worth of more than $1 billion. He doesn’t hoard his wealth or hesitate to help others in need with his wealth. In fact, Lefkofsky has set a new goal for himself. With the help of Big Data analytics, he wants to finally put an end to cancer.

Big Data Paves A Way

The latest startup from Lefkofsky is Tempus. Designed with Big Data analytics in mind, Tempus helps physicians treat cancer patients by creating custom therapy solutions based around the unique genomic sequence of every person. One person, for instance, may have a weaker immune system than most patients. This would mean that Tempus would avoid recommending immunotherapy based cancer treatments because the patient would not do well. The ultimately end goal for all of this is to give patients the benefits of personalized medicine. Treating every patient with medicine designed specifically for each individual is the future of healthcare in America.

Commitment To The Greater Good

The career and life of Eric Lefkofsky has always involved finding ways to make life better for others. Much of his philanthropy work is centered around the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. With the assistance of his wife Liz Lefkofsky, he uses the foundation to help other hundreds of charities around the world doing everything from scientific research to humanitarian aid. However, the greatest area of interest for Lefkofsky is assisting children in need. Helping those who are unable to help themselves is the greatest value Lefkofsky holds, and helping children is essentially a way of building a brighter future.

A Bright Future Ahead

Entrepreneurship is a very difficult profession. In order to reach the point that he has, Lefkofsky had to make accurate predictions and act on them quickly. His latest mission, curing cancer, isn’t too easy either. However, his years of experience give him the perfect position to tackle cancer. He understands the power of Big Data and how Big Data has changed marketing and other areas of industry. He predicts a similar revolution will occur in medicine with the help of Big Data. If Eric Lefkofsky is proven right, we may witness an entirely new world of medicine in practice.