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OSI Group Achievements with David McDonald

David McDonald earned a degree in animal science from Lowa University. David is currently the chairman of North American Meat Institute. Since 2008, David has been serving as an Independent Director at Marfig Global Foods S.A. Besides production capacity, David McDonald believes that product development has a significant impact on business.

Mr. McDonald is the CEO and president OSI Group. The organization is a leading food processing firm that supplies highly valued protein products such as beef patties, pizza sandwiches, and sausages worldwide to food services. OSI Group has more than 50 branches in 17 countries. Its headquarters is in Aurora, Illinois. The company expanded its services to China, today it operates eight factories in the China. Two new facilities are being developed to award OSI Group, the largest poultry producer in China. OSI Group celebrated 20 years in China on September 12, 2012.

OSI Group opened its first food processing operation when it started supplying food to MC Donald’s. During the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008, OSI Group provided 113 tons of chicken, pork, dehydrated onion pork, eggs, and beef. The act was appreciated by the Olympic Committee and McDonald’s as there were no complaints from the customers in the stadium. Since then, OSI Group has been the primary supplier to renowned brands such as Starbucks, Yum, McDonald’s, Subway, Papa John’s and Burger.

Recently, OSI Group received food from Baho Food that mainly operates in Germany and Netherlands. David stated that adding Baho Food will give OSI Group a broader presence in Europe. Moreover, David also serves as the Project Manager of OSI Industries. He is also a member of the board of directors of OSI Group. Additionally, David serves at OSI International Foods Pty Limited located, Australia as a director to learn more about us: click here.

David McDonald always makes sure that the management team in all regional offices understands the cultures and tastes of local consumers in every particular branch. David is focused on making OSI Group experience improvements in its production departments and processing. He is passionate about satisfying all their clients.

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Omar Yunes a Leader in the Food Industry

Sushi Itto is a rapidly growing sushi restaurant thanks to the success of Omar Yunes. There are several locations including Mexico City, Veracruz, Puebla, Utah and Atlanta to name a few. When you enter Sushi Itto it’s like entering a sushi joint straight out of Japan. Each franchise has decorative paintings and an Asian style atmosphere. Expect only the freshest sushi that tastes like it came straight from the Pacific. There are a number of specialty sushi rolls to choose from that you won’t find anywhere else. Favorite appetizers on the menu include: salmon crunch roll with panko shrimp, fried jalapeno pepper and cucumber. You will find only the best imported beer and hot or cold sake served at Sushi Itto. For those who aren’t so daring, bento boxes are available in chicken, salmon and veggie tempura. Itto Takashi is the owner and is trained in traditional Japanese cuisine.

Omar Yunes joined the Sushi Itto franchise in Mexico City helping it to win the 2015 Best Franchisee of the Word award. The award is handed out in Florence, Italy honoring brands and franchises that are growing at a rapid pace. When receiving the award, Omar Yunes dedicated it to his team of over 400 employees. They were given the award based on their innovation of unique products. Representatives from 34 nations were there only to lose out to Sushi Itto for the top national qualifier category. Omar Yunes used his talent and expertise to implement better management strategies.

Omar Yunes is a successful entrepreneur and investor from Mexico. His studies and experience is in the food and hospitality industry. He is responsible for over 13 different franchises that are located in Mexico City. Yunes has become a huge asset for Sushi Itto, using his aggressive ability to market their products. His strong commitment to the company has helped not only create job opportunities but create strong business strategies.