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The Life and Research Work of Dr. David Samadi

     Dr. Samadi is a renowned doctor who also happens to be the chair of Urology and Robotic Surgery professional in one the New York’s hospitals called Lenox Hill. He specializes in male and female urinary-tract system and male reproductive system. He deals with diagnostics and treatment of urologic diseases, bladder, and prostate and kidney cancers.

Dr. Samadi was born and raised in Iran, he left Iran in 1979, moved to Belgium, London and finally settled in the United States. He completed his high school education in Roslyn New York. He studied Biochemistry at Stony Brook University under a full scholarship. He did his Masters Degree from Stony Brook School of Medicine in 1994. He first practiced at Colombia Presbyterian. He joined Mt. Sinai School Of medicine in 2007 and became the vice chair of the department of urology and the Chief of Robotics of Minimally Invasive Surgery. He was also appointed Professor of Urology at Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine. Dr. Samadi is a member of The American Medical Association and American Urological Association.

Dr. Samadi has done a wide range of research. Amongst them, the transitions taking place in a woman’s body during menopause. He explains that menopause cycle brings a unique experience to every woman. For some, menopause is mostly characterized by virginal dryness, gaining weight and hot flashes while others may not receive these symptoms. Women should be aware of what kind of symptoms are associated with menopause and premenopausal cycle (this period is characterized by irregular menstrual periods and deterioration of ovarian hormones). Research shows that menopause may increase the risk of heart diseases. This is because falling estrogen levels results to less flexible arteries reducing blood flow. Dr. Samadi states that 51 years is the average age a woman is likely to experience menopause. Only a few may experience later or earlier than this depending on their bodies.

Dr. Samadi also researched on the health of sexually active men. He stated that it is very important for men to exercise extreme caution in order to keep healthy. Regular exercises increase muscle activity and boost endorphins to increase confidence, libido, and energy in men. Eating healthy foods boosts their immune system. Kegel exercises are also recommended for enhancement of sexual fulfillment and ensuring that the base of the penis and the tail stay connected. Dr. Samadi warned that smoking and excessive alcohol intake render a risk of erectile dysfunction.

Dr. Samadi is an experienced urologist whose research will help millions of people maintain a healthy life, understand their bodies perfectly and know what to expect during certain inevitable changes in the body.

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Securus Technology Offers Safety to the World

Securus Technologies is a system used by many correctional facilities as a way to ease the communication of incarcerated individuals with their families and loved ones. Additionally, it offers critical information to the correctional facilities personnel, closes the gaps in difficult and complicated investigations. This system has become incredibly useful and reliable.

Besides offering communication, Securus Technologies also offers safety solutions when handling law enforcement. It can be used in the collection, visualization, consolidation, and distribution of information that is essential in real life scenarios. The functionality of this system is important when it comes to dealing with an emergency response that needs to be dealt with immediately. Such situations include public safety, connecting responders to emergency dispatchers and also mobile law enforcement.

When looking for operative criminal and civil technology solutions, Securus is an incredibly impressive technology that makes the experience of imprisoned individuals different. They have the ability to connect with the public. It makes it easier and safer for everyone while helping them keep in touch with their friends. Additionally, Securus also allows the inmates to contact each other safely as well as connect easily and safely with technology. In summary, this system is used in information management, communication, incident management, information verification, investigation, in monitoring products and services, and most of all inmate self-service.

The headquarters of Securus Technologies is in Dallas, Texas and serves more than 3,400 agents and 1.2 million prisoners in North America. This firm has the ability to make the entire world a safer place while keeping us connected with our loved ones. It has high-tech software solutions with the best quality to provide the greatest economics to their many clients.

Secures Technologies focusses on the safety of the world while ensuring that loved ones stay connected to each other no matter the distance.


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Logan Stout: A Believer of More Than Just Himself

Logan Stout is more than just another man who wants to make a quick buck or two; in fact he would rather see success in others before himself. In this selfless state of mind came the idea for IDLife, a new company formed by Stout in 2014.

As a budding entrepreneur, Stout first began as a keynote speaker for numerous companies, selling out large arenas while providing the voice to the company’s messages. After his career as a professional baseball player, Stout also founded the Dallas Patriots organization. The Dallas Patriots is one of the world’s largest baseball organizations that try to teach and provide guidance to the youth in their organization.

From the beginnings and the roots of the Dallas Patriots came the idea for IDLife. He saw companies that were selling products designed for weight-loss being marketed as one-size fits all. But he realized that he best way for people to truly lose weight effectively was to make a supplement that is specific to the individual. He also realized that providing the guidance for people in weight-loss may help them in the long run in the weight-loss battle. IDLife has a free assessment for all potential clients, where upon completion are given a specific supplement that is made from high-quality ingredients, is non-GMO, and is gluten and soy-free. Along with this, IDLife also provides each individual with health goals, along with health history to show the progress of each individual. This information can be tracked through IDLife, as well as through Garmin wearable fitness accessories. A new partnership with Garmin in July of 2017 will allow IDLife clients to track their health history with more information on Garmin technology.

Logan Stout has always been about helping provide guidance for those who seek it. As a devote Christian, Stout follows the Bible religiously, calling it the most influential book of all time. With the formation of IDLife, he now has become someone that people can turn to for guidance in their lives.

For details:,17.htm

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Amicus Therapeutics

Amicus Therapeutics is the leading bioengineers of advanced and customized therapies, specifically rare and orphan diseases.

It is a biopharmaceutical company that is based in New Jersey and expanded to San Diego in 2008 to a second location.

The products of Amicus Therapeutics are pharmaceuticals, drugs.


Biopharmaceuticals, by general definition, is any drug product (pharmaceutical) that is extracted from a biological source. If it is semi-synthesized or manufactured in a biological source, then it also qualifies as a biopharmaceutical.


Biopharmaceuticals means that some element of engineering or manipulation is involved. These can be employed to treat a wide array of pediatric and rare life-threatening diseases.

Amicus Therapeutics belief statement is long and extensive with more than fifteen different pledges that honor the trust and relationship between employee, company, co-workers and consumers. The pledges are detailed and emotional, more so passionate than one would ordinarily see in a traditional company belief statement. Some of the beliefs held by Amicus Therapeutics include:


  • Passion
  • Encouragement
  • Work hard and take smart risks
  • No lying, cheating or stealing


John F. Crowley, current Chief Executive Officer of Amicus Therapeutics Inc, offers a welcoming introduction on the company website.


The company list the three traits that all patients have. The point of mentioning this important and crucial fact is what truly makes this biotech company unique ( Each investable program that Amicus contributes to has to have the three following factors:


  • Deadly or devastating disorder, rare diseases
  • Technology is cutting edge and latest available
  • Only if the results from previous data show that patients lives will improve


Crowley aims to provide patients with an extra layer of care, emphasizing the personal aspects of the company mission statement. Crowley emphasizes his ability to empathize with the patient, to be able to offer the best patient experience, personally tailored towards the patients, and caregivers, of those living – and surviving with diseases (


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Osteo Relief Institute: An Excellent Source Of Effective Arthritis Treatment

Over 50 million Americans have arthritis, but few really understand what it is. Arthritis is a term that covers over 100 different types of joint pain and joint diseases. It’s most common in women and older people. Arthritis is America’s top cause of disability. Risk factors for the disease include age, excess weight, previous injury and family history. The key for arthritis sufferers to maintain a good quality of life is knowing how to manage the condition.


A commitment to self-management is essential. Suffers must create a good daily routine that includes gentle exercise, weight control and the avoidance of repetitive movements. Stretching, walking, swimming and progressive strength training helps. Medical treatment using NSAIDS, topical analgesics, physical therapy or surgery are good options.


Osteo Relief Institute is a leader in providing treatment for osteoarthritis. The New Jersey headquartered company is connected to a vast network of Osteo Relief Institute centers all across the United States. They offer natural, non-surgical arthritis treatment. They use the latest technology to relieve pain and increase the range of motion in arthritic joints. They can introduce patients to a wide array of treatment options that can delay or eliminate the need for surgical solutions (


When you visit an Osteo Relief Institute facility, they can provide effective treatment for joints aching because of wear and tear. They can relieve chronic, injury-related spinal pain without any downtime. Osteo Relief Institute has new procedures that can treat arthritis pain even in complex structures like the spine (YourBeautyCraze). Their highly-skilled staff will do an in-depth examination to ascertain the nature of the damage and offer you excellent treatment options.


At the Osteo Relief Institute, they’ll help you overcome chronic arthritis pain through the proper use of physical activity. You’ll learn how to restore joint mobility without the use of drugs or surgery. The Osteo Relief Institute staff will introduce you to enjoyable physical activities that can lessen pain levels and improve your quality of life.


The Osteo Relief Institute offers risk-free introductory screenings, pain relief injections, the most advanced equipment and a wide range of effective non-invasive treatments for arthritis pain.

More about Osteo Relief Institue on Facebook


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Eli Gershkovitch Lists Great Canadian Craft Beers that Everyone Likes

Eli Gershkovitch, the Chief Executive Officer of Steamworks Brewing Company, lists great Canadian Craft beers everyone would love to enjoy. He states that India pale ales from Central City Brewing located in Surrey, British Columbia, comes with the taste of ruby red grapefruit along with malt backbone. Eli Gershkovitch warns that it is bitterer than other pale beers.


The Gluten-Free beer from Brasseurs Sans Gluten located in Montreal is also offering an amazing taste of clove, molasses, and nutmeg. Gershkovitch says that it is prepared from grains like millet and entirely different from the traditional beer made from barley.


Eli Gershkovitch thinks that Weissbier from Denison’s Brewing Company, Toronto, can attract the beer lovers with its different taste ( It is prepared from wheat and comes with a special Bavarian-style as it is prepared using Bavarian yeast.


Nutcracker Porter is another beer everyone would love to taste it as it is sweeter and less hoppy. It is supplied by Black Oak Brewery located in Etobicoke, Ontario.


The St-Ambroise Oatmeal Stout from Brasserie McAuslan Brewery, Montreal, also offers a pleasant experience to the users with an experience similar to a coffee. It is dark and prepared from unmalted roasted barley.


Eli Gershkovitch is considered to be an unconventional business leader and applies practical knowledge than theoretical management strategies. It helped him to learn the priorities and pulse of the industry without any market research or other theoretical approaches.


His colleagues often note that Eli Gershkovitch is a casual, cool man who appreciates freedom. The competitors of Eli states that he is the master of business with effective strategies.


Everyone agrees that Eli Gershkovitch’s mettle to deliver the excellence has made his brewing firm, Steamworks Brewing Company, a grand success. It should be noted that every year, new breweries mushroom in Canada and most of them close after a season due to lack of strategy (CalgaryHerald).


Eli Gershkovitch founded Steamworks in the year 1995 with 184 seat capacity. The amazing flavors offered and the world-class service helped it to expand the business over the course of time. Currently, it has a seating capacity of 754 seats and attracts both tourists and locals alike.


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Edisoft, Your Solution to Supply Chain Challenges

Sometime back, railway operators, measured their on- times with accordance to their departure time whereas motor carriers measured in consideration of their service type. On very rare occasions did companies look at the performance of the multi-mode and multi-leg shipment companies.

When sampling opportunities for supply chain performance, best KPIs should focus on metrics across various functions with their trading partners instead of focusing on the performance of isolated operations of a particular carrier (Career). Edisoft, An internationally recognized company that solves all your shipping troubles and supply chain challenges comes in at this juncture.

Edisoft is an internationally recognized company that was founded in 1995. Its main goal is to provide solutions to the EDI challenges. It focuses on enabling small and medium sized business on connecting easily with their business partners. Edisoft is a company that aims at the supply chain management and performance for industrialists, manufacturers, and distributors.

Edisoft company comprises Edisoft Merchant, Merchant QuickPAK, Merchant Xchangeand many more software connectors who enable the production of the solutions from Bin Tracking all the way to the shipping process. Merchant QuickPAK focuses on warehouse solutions to enable the shipping processes. Be it shipping orders from as many warehouses as possible, Merchant QuickPAK will have the shipping done. In collaboration with ProcessWeaver, Edisoft enables you to pick, pack and ship worldwide. The supply chain results to ERP integration and optimization without customization, More staff productivity, and a more efficient workflow, business processes, and a trustworthy and accurate information for business intelligence.

Supply chain a very crucial aspect to connecting to your customer in your business ( Becoming proficient in you’re the whole supply chain is an added advantage to your business. Understanding the supply chain process guarantees you profit all year round. Edisoft has its offices in Canada and the USA.

Through Edisoft’s techniques and effort has seen various companies prosper. These companies and businesses include Golf Gifts, Shavel products, The Mentholatum Company of Canada Ltd, J.B Weld among many others.


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Glen Wakeman Shares His Mind

With a career in management that covers 21 years, Glen Wakeman has developed a broad resume that includes writer, investor, CEO, and entrepreneur. He studied at the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania, receiving a Bachelor of Science in Economics, and attended the University of Chicago, where he received an MBA in Finance. He went on build his career with companies like GE Capital. He later founded and became the CEO of Nova Four, based in Miami, Florida. This company would help new businesses with planning strategy and acquire the capital they needed.

In 2015 he became the Founder and CEO of LaunchPad Holdings LLC, a SAAS corporation. Mr. Wakeman recognized that many new startups would fail due to ideas not having a cohesive plan or structure. In response to this, LaunchPad Holdings developed a software system to help these new businesses with organization and plan management. This system is currently having a period of nationwide growth.

Glen Wakeman has helped Dreamfunded, an equity crowdfunding platform based in California, with his marketing advice. He is known for applying his experience to improving key areas of leadership, execution, risk management, and human capital.

On a daily basis, Glen Wakeman will meet with his partners to delegate tasks and go over financial matters, plan a strategy for meetings, and check on competitors (About). He thinks it’s important that you have people around you who will be honest on evaluating ideas. He believes that machine learning will be a great asset in helping businesses improve their quality, planning, and in dealing with large amounts of data.

There have been 30 regional areas around the world that he has managed operations in and he has lived in South America, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Asia. He believes strongly that to be a successful entrepreneur, you need to maintain communications with everyone you meet along the way because they can help you in your business and your career.


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How Louis Chenevert Turned Around UTC’s Business Operations

Many senior executives endeavor to build a positive legacy, inspire employees, and mentor the next leaders. Louis Chenevert, United Technologies Corporation’s former CEO, left a lasting impression at the company.

Before UTC, Louis worked with General Motors for about 14 years. In 1993, he became part of the team at Pratt & Whitney Canada, a subsidiary of UTC. After six years, Louis Chenevert became president of the company. During his tenure, Pratt & Whitney registered excellent performance and increased UTC’s market reach. In 2006, he ascended to President and Chief Operating Officer. He was the eighth chairman of UTC and named Chief Executive officer in 2011.

Louis Chenevert’s appointment came at a time when recession threatened the market operations. Nevertheless, the company’s share price increased to 117 dollars from 37 dollars increasing the shareholder value by 200% in his time. Louis Chenevert’s objective was to grow the company through enabling efficiency, increasing the market reach and products and engaging the employees. At some point, he relocated several engineers to Connecticut after he discovered that their skills were underutilized.

Chenevert worked to consolidate the company’s operations into manageable, functional businesses. UTC’s major business units include aerospace and building technology. He merged Otis operations and the control and climate segment to ensure the company effectively offers solutions. Similarly, he linked Pratt and Goodrich operations.

Goodrich, an aerospace manufacturing company, was acquired under his leadership. Louis Chenevert synchronized its operations with that of Pratt and Whitney and Hamilton Sundstrand to produce the several products that meet the market needs. In another strategic move, the company majority stake in International Aero Engines consortium. The transaction boost UTC’s relationships with stakeholders in narrow-body aircraft operations.

Louis implemented strategies aimed at creating a balance between the market and the consumer. He mastered the demand cycles in the industries to project the revenue streams throughout the year. Louis then ensured that UTC maintained its skills and capabilities in various aspects of the aerospace market. UTC’s revenues come from current products and manufacture of new commodities and hence benefit from the multiple product cycles.

UTC continues to excel even after his resignation in 2014. Currently, Louis Chenevert holds an executive position at Goldman Sachs.

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Talking Open Society with George Soros

With an estimated $12 billion that he has handed out up to now, George Soros is regarded among the first philanthropists in the world. George Soros has gone ahead to support and fund organizations as well as individuals from all over the world that are fighting for transparency, freedom of expression, societies championing equality and justice as well as accountable government. His funding is always aimed at those that are going through discrimination because of who they are as a person. George Soros has funded groups that support LGBTI, Europe’s Roma People, Sex Workers, and also Drug Users. Back in Hungary, where he was born in 1930 and raised, George Soros himself has experienced first-hand intolerance as a Jew during the Nazi occupation between 1944 and 1945. The Nazi occupation saw the murder of half a million Jews in Hungary, but despite this, his whole family managed to survive by attaining false documentation to hide their roots as well as those of others.

George Soros fled Budapest as the Communists joined forces in 1947 to go to London. While there, George served as a railway porter on a part-time contract alongside serving as a waiter at a night club to be able to fund his schooling at the London School of Economics. He then went on to leave London for the USA in 1956 to venture into the investments and finance world where he would be able to make a great fortune for himself. George Soros then proceeded to begin a hedge fund of his own known as the Soros Fund Management in 1970 which turned him into one of the investors who is highly regarded for their success in America. Using the fortune that he made off the hedge fund, George Soros went all out to give birth to the Open Society Foundations. The foundation is a network of partners, projects, and foundations that reach out to over 100 countries. The name of the foundation shows Karl Popper’s philosophy influencing George’s mindset. George Soros came to encounter the philosophy for the first time while attending London School of Economics.

George Soros started out his philanthropic venture in 1979 by providing black South Africans facing apartheid with scholarships. He also aided the open exchange of ideas in the Communist Eastern Bloc in the 1980s by availing photocopiers to print texts that were initially banned. He then bore the Central European University in the Berlin Wall fall, which was aimed to be a critical thinking space which was a new concept at the time in many of the universities in the previous Society states. George Soros also provided funds to the cultural exchanges between Western Europe and the East which helped the Soviet society he once called home.George Soros came to understand the philosophy of Karl Popper about no one having any access to the whole truth upon further research where he learned that it is because it is in the same universe we live in that we are all trying to understand.