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How Honest Online Reviews Are Helping Fabletics Set a Standard in Womens Leisurewear

Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler, the founders of TechStyle fashion group, decided to create the Fabletics athleisure brand for women, in 2013.


At the time of its founding, the norm for female athleisure was either you choose bland but efficient or vice versa. Many apparels had a terrible material and would tear the tissue in a few days of working out in the gym. It was always like this: Either a woman shopping for her athletic gear would have to choose a really comfortable and elastic clothing, but with bland design and aesthetics, or stylish and hip athletic gear, but lacking in flexibility and mobility.


Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg’s knew that this was a hole in the market, and decided to change this reality with their Fabletics idea. As specialists in the fashion industry, having invested and created other clothing brands in different industries, they have always thought that what women deserved is an athleisure brand that combines both style and functionality. In the business and entrepreneurial sense, this kind of product is also what would sell the most, as most women of the current generation are working out a lot because of the charts of obesity surrounding the U.S. However, acquiring the funds and materials to make such gears wasn’t easy, and that’s where Kate Hudson came into play.


Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg knew that for their brand to succeed, they would need an efficient ambassadress for Fabletics, and Kate Hudson was the perfect partner and model for the brand. She’s charismatic and very passionate, not just about improving the idea, but with engaging customers as well. In the process getting more positive feedback and reputation, Kate Hudson’s role was essential. She is very beloved by the customers and staff of Fabletics, both for her approachable demeanor and hands-on work. She engages customers in social media as well, answering questions, feedback, and gathering suggestions from fans.


Since its creation in 2013, Fabletics has enjoyed tremendous success. Thanks to the efforts of Adam Goldenberg, Don Ressler, and Kate Hudson, the company is now worth $250 million with more than a million paying members. They are also getting new models and ambassadress like Demi Lovato to represent the brand and ensure its continuing success.


Advertising experts also credit the success of Fabletics to the unprecedented positive online reviews it continuously gets. Day by day we live in an increasingly digital world, and most people nowadays check online reviews of products before purchasing them. What used to be ‘passed through word of mouth’ in the world of product advertising is now ‘passed on through online reviews.’ Of course, just positive reviews aren’t enough. The reviews have to be honest and from real people making casual comments about the product they’ve purchased and this kind of comments is what makes Fabletics very successful in their online campaign. They also make it a point to engage in almost all of these positive comments they get.


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Jeff Yastine’s Views on Consequences Caused by Amazon to Retailers

     Jeff Yastine is a renowned financial journalist at Banyan Hill Publishing. He majorly contributes to Total Wealth Insider as a Senior Editor. Jeff Yastine began his service at the publishing company back in 2105 when he ventured into various investments. The editorial job has helped him grow in his career to the point of being elected the Director of Banyan Publishing.

Sovereign Investor Daily is also growing because of his contributions. This weekly magazine has empowered various investors on how to adapt to economic trends despite the challenges such as lack of enough capital. Additionally, he also writes articles for Winning Investor Daily. Here, he provides entrepreneurs with decision making on how to improve their profit making ventures.

For motivation, Jeff Yastine has gained his constant inspiration from successful investors like Warren Buffett. These opportunities have helped him advance in his business activities and now have accomplished great success with stock and agricultural investments. Jeff Yastine’s achievements have earned him laurels from various organizations.

In one of his recent publications in Total Wealth Insider, he discusses the growth of Amazon as an online retail shop. According to him, Amazon will soon personalize shopping in the United States of America to the point that physical shops may become extinct. People will not have to move in search for household goods for their daily use. Instead, the will receive everything they need at the comfort of their homes due to the invention of home delivery requests.

In addition, he also discusses the sales of stocks at Brookfield Property Partners LP. The emerging trends at Amazon directly affected the sales of the market stocks from Brookfield Property Partners LP to GGP. These companies are retail malls that operate the same businesses like Amazon. Thus, the invention of the online shop would somehow impact negatively on their sales and profit turnovers.

However, companies dealing in real estate retail businesses are not affected. Their revenue earnings continue to stabilize despite the establishment of online trading. GGP which is one of the real estate firms, made a lucrative deal to sell one of its most valued properties in Seattle.

Another firm called Miller Value Partners also seems to be a victim of these trends in internet trading. Also, Berkshire Hathaway owned by Warren Buffet is among the affected companies. Jeff Yastine concludes by saying that if these retail mall don’t invent in other ways of trading, Amazon may take over in every retail business platform. Consequently, their profits will reduce drastically leading to a decrease in revenue earnings.