There are organizations around the world that focus a lot of attention in improving the members they have. One of the institutes today that is successful in improving not just the society it is part of, but also the members that employ the group’s projects is American Institute of Architects. If you’ve heard news about AIA, including the one where it recently awarded the Library Building Award to Mr. Gunnar Birkerts, then this article that lists 5 of the core information about AIA will interest you.

1. AIA Headquarters

It helps to know where the headquarters of a company is. AIA’s headquarters originated in Washington, D.C. and it is where its education programs start in making sure that the members and projects of the group get established in the world. The headquarters is also where many of the architects do their best in planning educational programs, government advocacies, and community redevelopment to get more public outreach.

2. AIA’s Mission

Among the many goals that AIA aims for is the establishment of a platform where everyone can join in to improve their careers and find better ideas to improve one’s involvement in architecture. AIA is also in active partnership with various design and construction teams to make sure that only the best ideas get used for building homes, buildings, and other infrastructure.

3. AIA Has Been Active For Decades Now

Did you even know that AIA established itself in 1857 as a form of NGO? Since then the group has grown into a bigger, more organic organization that right now has over 90,000 members. Its website at will tell you that the growth of the group may be because of the leadership of its current head Robert Ivy, FAIA, who is the EVP/Chief Executive Officer, as well as Thomas V. Vonier, as the AIA President.

4. American Institute Of Architects Started With 13 Architects

Everything big starts small. With the 13 designers who began AIA in New York City in 1867, the NGO has consistently grown as a leading group that promotes scientific and more practical architectural solutions for the world, which in general attempts to elevate the profession’s standing into greater heights. The primary architects who started the group include Charles Babcock, Henry Cleveland, and Henry Dudley.

5. AIA Has A Constitution

It’s not only states who have constitutions. On March 10, 1857, AIA drafted a constitution and bylaws that helped establish its vision and mission. Truly, AIA is a group that enforces standards, aims, and goals with the utmost professionalism.

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