For any investor trying to keep losses at a minimum, learning how to avoid the regular pitfalls is likely to come at a price. The awareness of sound investing principles could prove to be the difference between solid gains and a string of losses. This is something Brad Reifler knows. He has had a taste of both sides of the investment market; the 1% of huge wealthy investors and the other 99% of not-so-wealthy investors.

In a recent article, Reifler gave several tips that might place the average American investor on the path to becoming successful investors. His first tip was for investors to get to know the managers they appoint to manage their funds. This is important as investors need to have trust in the managers investing their money.

His second tip was for investors to refrain from fully committing their investment to the stock market. He advised them to take the safety of their money as a huge contributing factor to the decision on where to invest. Lastly, he advised the investors to have full knowledge of the investment and the objectives of making the investment. For successful investments, Reifler advised addition of funds to the same.

Brad Reifler has set out to bring change in the investment world for middle-class investors. He has now put his focus on non-accredited investors who have been considered by the investment world as not being smart enough to take part. Change however seems to be on the horizon. The SEC has taken note that for the past three decades, people have gained information on investment. A task force has made the recommendation for the repeal of the rules that have specified income and net worth requirements for the last 32 years.

A man at the forefront of the efforts to help the average American investor is Brad Reifler. Brad is a successful investor who is the CEO of Forefront Advisory and Forefront Capital Management. They serve as an advisory board and provide advice on the commodities and forex markets. Brad is a qualified and experienced investor with more than 30 years under his belt.

Brad formed his first company in 1982. Reifler Trading Company had a specialty in global derivatives and with its success, it was later acquired by Refco. Reifler proceeded to form Pali Capital. This is where Brad achieved a vast amount of his success. He managed the firm for 13 years, driving the company to make profits of over $200 million. Currently, Brad is the CEO of Forefront Group.