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Sleep Apnea: The Dental Connection

Sleep apnea is a waking nightmare. Imagine coughing yourself half-awake thirty times a night without knowing that you did not get a good night’s sleep. At one level, the saddest aspect is that you lose your dreams, because every time your airway gets blocked, your sleep is ruined. At another level, as you drag yourself half-consciously through a day at work or school, you know that something is wrong, but you cannot say what it is. Why? Because you were half-asleep when the apnea took over.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel founded Dental Sleep Masters in 2014. Dr. Weisfogel, a graduate of Rutgers University and the New York University College of Dentistry, began his dental practice in 1999. He saw a connection between dental problems and breathing disorders. Dental Sleep Masters offers devices that fit in the mouth and help to keep the airways open so the apnea victim can breathe easily all night long.

Dr. Weisfogel works with physicians and sleep laboratories in the development of new sleep technology. The Food and Drug Administration approved the use of upper airway stimulation devices in 2014. As the devices became smaller and less intrusive, people tolerated them better, and their sleep improved.

Most people certainly don’t know that their dentists can help diagnose and treat sleep apnea. Since we see our dentists at least twice a year, it makes perfect sense that part of oral care becomes an examination of the upper airway. This is cutting edge medical technology that can make a difference in your life. The waking nightmare of sleep apnea will come to an end.

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Brian Bonar’s Business Structures That Worked

Mr. Bonar is the CEO and Chairman of Dalrada Financial Corporation. His recognized for the Cambridge Who’s Who® Finance Executive of the Year. The Cambridge Who’s Who® Registry is an honor which only recognizes two females and two male members in each discipline annually.

The Who’s Who® committee selects these honorees based on their academic achievements, leadership abilities, and professional accomplishments.

Brian Bonar micromanages the Dalrada Financial Corporation operations as he has nearly 30 years of professional management experience in the financial sector. He has worked as the company’s CEO and chairman for over decade. These positions have held him responsible for a vast range of employer and employee benefits. Dalrada Financial Corporation acts as a marketing liaison which supplies its clients with a wide variety of employee programs that helps a company increase its efficiency.

These programs include risk management for workers compensation, business liability insurance, employee benefits, and promotional management services. Brian Bonar is also CEO of Smart-Tek Automated Services, and also President of Allegiant Professional Business Service. Mr. Bonar is a Ph.D. holder and professionally linked to the American Finance Association.

According to Crunchbase, Brian Bonar is a successful financial executive. He is the leader of Trucept, Inc. Trucept is a firm which assists in bringing solutions to small or medium companies by completing tasks for them. One of the tasks includes helping them to manage their human resources administration, employee benefits and manage their payroll.

The primary goal of Trucept is to let the companies focus on the business aspect of their firms and then Trucept handle the rest. Mr. Bonar has an extensive business leadership background. Part of Brian Bonnar’s success can be traced back to his technical background.

This because he knows how to come up with a business structure that works. He earned his Technical Engineering Degree from James Watt Technical College. He then progressed on to Stafford University to earn his Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering.

He also worked for IBM as the procurement manager and later on he got employed by QMS as the Director of Engineering, making him the manager of over 100 employees. During that same period, Brian Bonar continued to manage the sales for Adaptec.

When Mr. Bonar discovered he had a careers experience under his belt, he started his firm called Bezier Systems but still worked for other companies before finding more substantial success with (DFS) Dalrada Financial Services. His career specialties include acquisitions and mergers.

Brian has been known to take a personable approach to life by combining the creativity of an architect with the technicalities of an engineer. Mr. Brian received his first Who’s Who in America in 2000. His out of work hobbies include going on boat trips, spending time with his family and playing golf.

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Connecting with Your Customers


One of the most important parts of running a business is connecting with customers. There are a lot of people who have the desire to start their own business. From the time he was in school, Danilo Diaz Granados wanted to take the next step and start a company. Being from Miami, he had a lot of contacts with people who had extra money. His company, Toys for Boys, markets to customers who have extra money to spend on lavish products. He recently threw a huge party for customers, and this is a great way for him to find new customers. There are a lot of people who look up to the amount of success he has been able to have in just a short period of time. If you want to learn how to run a business, he is a great person to go to.


Early Years


In the early years of his business, things were not easy for him. However, CrunchBase shows that Danilo Diaz Granados has a great work ethic. He was able to market to customers in a unique way. He found that he had to market to high-end clients in unique ways. This is where all of the lavish parties came from. Early on, he figured out how to solve a problem for clients with his expensive products and services. This is a great lesson to always keep customers top of mind. If you want to take your business to the next level, you sometimes have to do things out of your comfort zone.


Future Plans


In the future, Danilo Diaz Granados plans to continue to expand his business. If you want to have a great deal of success, you need to make sure that you are working as hard as possible. There are a lot of people who burn out in a short period of time. Instead of getting frustrated, you need to start working on solutions that can drive positive results. Danilo Diaz Granados is a great example of doing this over the years, and that is why he gets so much positive press in Miami.

Make sure to check out his expert financial analysis on his WordPress blog:

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Kenneth Goodgame Puts the Customer First

Kenneth Goodgame has been the Senior Vice President Chief Merchandising Officer for True Value since November 2013. He earned a B.S. in Marketing from the University of Tennessee in 1980. Just out of college, Kenneth Goodgame spent almost 10 years working working in the management department of Black & Decker. He spent two years working at Home Depot before going to work at Rubbermaid. Prior to working for True Value Hardware, Goodgame was the General Merchandising Manager of Ace hardware from 2010 to 2013. He also held executive positions at Rubbermaid and Technotronics.

Having more than 20 years of experience in merchandising and hardware, Goodgame brings with him a special touch relating to the needs of his customers. He works well with his co-workers creating highly performing teams to help develop his strategies in planning, marketing, packaging, and sales. Goodgame claims his strategies include knowing how to handle market shifts so his company can avoid stalling and losing money.

Many customers find when they’re looking for a particular product, they find it hard to make proper comparisons against the competition. The customer ends up buying a lesser quality item. Goodgame is known for making the market place a friendly experience for customers, so they get the right quality item for the job they want to do. Goodgame found some people who would be mystery shoppers for him in order to understand the problems people have in the marketplace.

In addition to hardware products, Kenneth Goodgame is also interested in the pet food merchandising industry. In order to find out how the customers felt about buying pet food, Goodgame provided them with a survey. He learned that pets occupy 60 percent of the marketing industry.

In the 1990s, Kenneth Goodgame was hailed by his business peers for expanding Hardlines D28 to include 14 stores in Puerto Rico. Goodgame has learned a great deal from Home Depot about how to conduct business. He believes business should be timely, local, and convenient. Goodgame suggests that businesses pay attention to the competition. If competitors promote a sale on a particular product, so should your company.

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Highland Capital Appoints Charitable Giving Manager

Recently the finance firm Highland Capital Management appointed Linda Owen as its new charitable giving manager. At this new position Linda will be in charge of overseeing all of the firms charitable activities as well as managing its funds. Owen has an extensive background in the non profit sector as she was a member of organizations such as The Dallas Foundations. She is currently a civic leader so she is well aware of the needs of the public. Since Owen worked with Highland Capital in the recent past she is very familiar with the charitable operations of the firm and is therefore the best person to lead its new charity department. With her experience and expertise, Owen looks to help the firm meet all of hits goals in terms of providing charitable funds to its philanthropic activities.

The appointment of Linda Owen as new charitable giving manager has given Highland Capital the help they need to best run their philanthropic activities. James Dondero is very thrilled to have Owen as the charitable giving manager because he will now have someone to help save time. It will also provide the firm with more clear direction in terms of running charitable activities. Since James looks to devote $3 million per year for charitable causes he wants to make sure that they are allocated in a way that allows the firm to reach its goals in this aspect. Dondero looks to devote $3 million per year for a number of causes such as healthcare, education, veteran’s affairs and public policy.

James Dondero is currently the President and also the co founder of Highland Capital Management. He has been in charge of the firm since 1993 and has helped provide the overall direction of the firm since then. When founding Highland Capital Management, James wanted it to specialize in hedge funds as well as credit management. Since Dondero began his career as a credit investor and then later a chief investment officer he believed that he can use his expertise to help clients. During his career he has managed up to $2 billion in assets for major companies such as American Express.

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Keith Mann’s Contributions To Uncommon Schools

Keith Mann is the CEO of Dynamics Search Partners (DSP). He has expertise in hedge fund compensation, specialty in staffing and hiring strategy. Keith Mann has been working in the executive research industry for more than a decade. He previously worked at Dynamics Executive Search as a Managing Director. In his capacity, he was responsible for recruiting global financial firms

In 2002, he launched Alternative Investment Practice within Dynamic Executive Search. He noticed that the hedge fund industry was growing at a fast rate, yet it was under-served by the search community present at that time. Later in 2009, Keith Mann started DSP, which is committed to sourcing top talent for the hedge fund. He assists his clients by offering hiring investment solutions, internal strategy professionals, and marketing.

Early 2015, Dynamics Search Partners held a fundraising event at the Standard Hotel Beer Garden. The event was meant for the Uncommon Schools. Those who attended the fundraiser together with the members of the financial service sector managed to contribute a total of $ 22,000. Before the fundraising event, DSP had pledged $10,000 to cater for the students’ testing needs. These funds were for students’ PSAT and AP testing for the2014-2015 school year. The institution expected to receive these funds was a new high school, which was set up by the charter school.

At the event, Keith stated that they supported the mission that was aiming to provide everyone with the opportunity to attend college. He further explained Uncommon Schools aimed at narrowing the achievement gap and prepare many low-income students to attend and graduate from college. Uncommon Schools was to open a new high school in Brooklyn, New York.

The aim of DSP-Uncommon School’s relationship, which began in 2013, was to enable DSP to lay a foundation to aid students to acquire tactical and practical skills. The skills would help them succeed in college and beyond. Keith has shown his support and commitment for the project and hopes it continues in the years to come. He concluded by saying that he was inspired to see how the students were motivated to join college.

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Famous Author And Philanthropist Eric Pulier Speaks Out

Eric Pulier has successfully created over fifteen companies under his leadership. He was successfully able to raise hundreds of millions of dollars for companies that he created or co-founded and building last professional relationships. He is a proud public speaker and shares his views with corporate financial firms with capital ventures. He has also invested in venture capital to build his business portfolio. He is a strong leader in the California area where he currently resides with his four children. He contends that he will continue to make his contributions to society and build the trust of financial partners.

Eric Pulier headed the Bridge To The 21st Century campaign for Bill Clinton and Al Gore as a commemoration to their inauguration. He has strong government ties that continues to last to this day. He raised all his funds from personal and professional donations and contributes to each of his causes on his own accord as well. He has experience with networking, powering, and the press. He can successfully run an event without that focuses on fund raising and political issues next to no other. He is a Magnum Cum Laude of Harvard with an extensive resume that would impress almost anyone.

Pulier has always been an activist for life’s challenges, disadvantaged children, and physically impaired children. He also raises money through his philanthropy to make sure individuals in Africa get clean drinking water by digging wells. He wants to ensure that the people that can’t speak for themselves or come from limited resources get the life’s essentials that he and others may take for granted everyday. He proclaims his love for humanity through every charitable event and admits that an act of kindness can save a life of every child in the world.

Pulier is also a strong advocate for free college tuition and has advocated for it to be based into legislation alongside president Barack Obama in his 2015 efforts to talk about tuition free colleges. To date, he continues to raise financial awareness and raise contributions for radial social awareness globally.

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Dr. Avi Weisfogel – Inspiring the Public and Medical Professionals Achieve the “Unthinkable”

Avi Weisfogel is a popular name among medical professionals in the New Jersey area. As a certified dentist, Dr. Weisfogel performed numerous dental surgeries before taking a keen interest in the field of sleep apnea and related sleep disorders. As it became challenging to continue both the dental practice and educating others on how to cope with sleep disorders, Dr. Weisfogel used his business acumen to integrate both practices into a self-fulfilling rewarding journey. However, as the time passed, he learned that the only way to achieve personal satisfaction is to help others. As a result, the family-man started several popular seminars in the New Jersey area to help the public and doctors in the area learn about health problems related to dentistry and sleep disorders.

Earlier, Avi Weisfogel had graduated from Rutgers University earning degrees in Psychology and Biology. Afterwards, he earns his Masters from New York School of Dentistry. Just like any other dentist, Dr. Weisfogel also started his practice normally. It was only when he took a keen interest in sleep disorders, Dr. Weisfogel realized that dentistry and his new-found passion are difficult to compliment. Therefore, Weisfogel used his entrepreneurship spirit to attract customers by holding numerous seminars on dentistry and sleep disorders allowing him to attract large number of patients, who were otherwise unaware of the possible link between sleep disorder and dental health. In fact, integrating dentistry with sleep disorders was a steep challenge, which required Dr. Weisfogel to spend a considerable amount from his own pocket.

Still, his visions to educate the public on sleep disorder and dental health saw him emerge triumphed. To celebrate his success and achieve self-fulfillment, Dr. Weisfogel started numerous seminars for public and doctors. Apart from these seminars, he also used his social media skills to attract visitors to his philanthropic campaign at the “Go Fund Me” page. The page is dedicated to raising funds for “Operation Smile”, a charity that has helped thousands of children born with facial deformities to lead normal lives.

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Retirement At The Manse On Marsh

When thinking about where to retire, many factors come into play. Retirement is an important part of a person’s life plans. The right place can make the difference between a retirement that is ideal for the retiree’s needs and one that is not quite as good. This is why so many people who are considering retirement have kept a place such as The Manse On Marsh on their list of potential places that are ideal for their retirement needs. The company strives each day to make sure that all those who are living here have what they need from life in order to rest and relax as they greet their golden years. A retirement here can ideal for their specific needs.

Many Possible Options

The Manse offers potentially perfect retirement solutions for all of their clients. Each client can pick from housing options that are right for them. A single person may find it best to opt for a room of their own on the grounds of the facility. Those who are retiring as a couple will find that they can pick from a house on the grounds of the facility that has many private spaces where they can retreat and relax as well as welcome any beloved guests who may be visiting there here. This kind of flexibility is vital for people who are active and wish to have the perfect housing situation while still avoiding the needs of costly housing repairs they might face if they continued to live at home.

Rich Choices

At this retirement place, there are many choices that also allow residents to pick other choices they might like. Residents can pick from options that mean they might spend one day relaxing in the library on the site and then the next taking a long hike in the local mountains. This allows the resident to decide how they want to spend their days after they are no longer working. The result of such choices here are satisfied seniors who are able to retain a healthy mind in a healthy body for as long as possible.  I recommend checking out Yelp reviewers assessment of the premises, as well as following their Twitter for further information.

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Brian Torchin Helps Hundreds Get Jobs Every Year

Brian Torchin is a principal at HCRC, and he is one of the most active people in the medical field today. He works in hiring, and he believes that the hiring agency culture can make it much easier for people to get the jobs they want. There are a lot of people who are looking for jobs for the first time who have no idea what to do, and there are just as many people who are struggling to get a job after a long time in one place. There are a lot of things that can be done, and most of them get done by Brian Torchin on his blog.

The blog that Brian Torchin keeps on the HCRC website is one of the best places to go for help with hiring, and he often offers information about how people get hired in the field. He can send people to interviews, send them to places for jobs and make sure that they are making their resumes look good for the jobs they have applied for. Everyone who wants to make sure that they are going to have a better job will be better off if they just communicate with Brian Torchin on his blog. He will answer questions, and he will make sure that he has all the best stats to help people go for the right jobs in the right places.

The plan that Brian Torchin has is to research the field as much as possible, and then he puts out that information to helps people get the results they want. It is very easy for people to get what they need on his blog, and then they can go out and get jobs. He can send them to jobs that he knows are open, or he can give them access to jobs that are very exclusive. This is why people need to work with Brian Torchin, and it is important for people that are looking for jobs to read his blog often. Brian Torchin is a great resource, and he is the best in his field today.