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Glen Wakeman Shares His Mind

With a career in management that covers 21 years, Glen Wakeman has developed a broad resume that includes writer, investor, CEO, and entrepreneur. He studied at the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania, receiving a Bachelor of Science in Economics, and attended the University of Chicago, where he received an MBA in Finance. He went on build his career with companies like GE Capital. He later founded and became the CEO of Nova Four, based in Miami, Florida. This company would help new businesses with planning strategy and acquire the capital they needed.

In 2015 he became the Founder and CEO of LaunchPad Holdings LLC, a SAAS corporation. Mr. Wakeman recognized that many new startups would fail due to ideas not having a cohesive plan or structure. In response to this, LaunchPad Holdings developed a software system to help these new businesses with organization and plan management. This system is currently having a period of nationwide growth.

Glen Wakeman has helped Dreamfunded, an equity crowdfunding platform based in California, with his marketing advice. He is known for applying his experience to improving key areas of leadership, execution, risk management, and human capital.

On a daily basis, Glen Wakeman will meet with his partners to delegate tasks and go over financial matters, plan a strategy for meetings, and check on competitors (About). He thinks it’s important that you have people around you who will be honest on evaluating ideas. He believes that machine learning will be a great asset in helping businesses improve their quality, planning, and in dealing with large amounts of data.

There have been 30 regional areas around the world that he has managed operations in and he has lived in South America, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Asia. He believes strongly that to be a successful entrepreneur, you need to maintain communications with everyone you meet along the way because they can help you in your business and your career.


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How Louis Chenevert Turned Around UTC’s Business Operations

Many senior executives endeavor to build a positive legacy, inspire employees, and mentor the next leaders. Louis Chenevert, United Technologies Corporation’s former CEO, left a lasting impression at the company.

Before UTC, Louis worked with General Motors for about 14 years. In 1993, he became part of the team at Pratt & Whitney Canada, a subsidiary of UTC. After six years, Louis Chenevert became president of the company. During his tenure, Pratt & Whitney registered excellent performance and increased UTC’s market reach. In 2006, he ascended to President and Chief Operating Officer. He was the eighth chairman of UTC and named Chief Executive officer in 2011.

Louis Chenevert’s appointment came at a time when recession threatened the market operations. Nevertheless, the company’s share price increased to 117 dollars from 37 dollars increasing the shareholder value by 200% in his time. Louis Chenevert’s objective was to grow the company through enabling efficiency, increasing the market reach and products and engaging the employees. At some point, he relocated several engineers to Connecticut after he discovered that their skills were underutilized.

Chenevert worked to consolidate the company’s operations into manageable, functional businesses. UTC’s major business units include aerospace and building technology. He merged Otis operations and the control and climate segment to ensure the company effectively offers solutions. Similarly, he linked Pratt and Goodrich operations.

Goodrich, an aerospace manufacturing company, was acquired under his leadership. Louis Chenevert synchronized its operations with that of Pratt and Whitney and Hamilton Sundstrand to produce the several products that meet the market needs. In another strategic move, the company majority stake in International Aero Engines consortium. The transaction boost UTC’s relationships with stakeholders in narrow-body aircraft operations.

Louis implemented strategies aimed at creating a balance between the market and the consumer. He mastered the demand cycles in the industries to project the revenue streams throughout the year. Louis then ensured that UTC maintained its skills and capabilities in various aspects of the aerospace market. UTC’s revenues come from current products and manufacture of new commodities and hence benefit from the multiple product cycles.

UTC continues to excel even after his resignation in 2014. Currently, Louis Chenevert holds an executive position at Goldman Sachs.

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Omar Yunes a Leader in the Food Industry

Sushi Itto is a rapidly growing sushi restaurant thanks to the success of Omar Yunes. There are several locations including Mexico City, Veracruz, Puebla, Utah and Atlanta to name a few. When you enter Sushi Itto it’s like entering a sushi joint straight out of Japan. Each franchise has decorative paintings and an Asian style atmosphere. Expect only the freshest sushi that tastes like it came straight from the Pacific. There are a number of specialty sushi rolls to choose from that you won’t find anywhere else. Favorite appetizers on the menu include: salmon crunch roll with panko shrimp, fried jalapeno pepper and cucumber. You will find only the best imported beer and hot or cold sake served at Sushi Itto. For those who aren’t so daring, bento boxes are available in chicken, salmon and veggie tempura. Itto Takashi is the owner and is trained in traditional Japanese cuisine.

Omar Yunes joined the Sushi Itto franchise in Mexico City helping it to win the 2015 Best Franchisee of the Word award. The award is handed out in Florence, Italy honoring brands and franchises that are growing at a rapid pace. When receiving the award, Omar Yunes dedicated it to his team of over 400 employees. They were given the award based on their innovation of unique products. Representatives from 34 nations were there only to lose out to Sushi Itto for the top national qualifier category. Omar Yunes used his talent and expertise to implement better management strategies.

Omar Yunes is a successful entrepreneur and investor from Mexico. His studies and experience is in the food and hospitality industry. He is responsible for over 13 different franchises that are located in Mexico City. Yunes has become a huge asset for Sushi Itto, using his aggressive ability to market their products. His strong commitment to the company has helped not only create job opportunities but create strong business strategies.