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Andrew Rolfe’s Internationally Renowned Work as the Chairman of the Ubuntu Fund.

A fund-raising charity event was held in London as the 10th Annual Ubuntu Fund Gala Dinner. With over £600,000 pounds raised, the Ubuntu Fund achieved in reaching past their funding goals. The funds will be used to provide education for impoverished African children while the remaining funds will be used to help to improve the paediatric clinic at the Port Elizabeth campus where the Ubuntu Education Fund’s is held.

Andrew Rolfe had the pleasure of inviting 300 guests to the gala and providing them with fine dishes, music, and moving speeches from two young African guests that previously was aided by the Ubuntu Fund. The auction during the gala was incredibly dynamic, with donors presenting items that accumulated to an outstanding sum of £33000 pounds.

Ubuntu Fund Chairman, Andrew Rolfe, previously the former president of Gaps international division, Chairman & Chief Executive for Pret A Manger, and Vice President for PepsiCo, Rolfe has been widely praised to have a critical mind for bringing retail stores to be internationally recognised. His work has helped him to maintain a respected professional profile while also able to have a completely humble mindset when it comes to charitable organisations.

Rolfe joined the Ubuntu Fund alongside with Jacob Lief in a mission to aid children in Africa by providing them the childhood that they deserve. Founded in 1999, the Ubuntu Funds was a small charity that only focuses on the availability of educational tools. With the help of Andrew Rolfe, Ubuntu Fund’s has skyrocketed in becoming Africa’s most important charitable organisations.

Rolfe has contributed his work into reducing the transmission of HIV. An astounding achievement by Ubuntu Funds reports 100 percent of HIV-positive mothers have given birth to HIV-negative babies. Other than that, the organization have also successfully helped 90 percent of the organisation’s scholars to enrol into major universities. One of the credits given to the Ubuntu Funds was by one of the special guests in the gala, Sinesipho, where she talked about the aid given to her from her abusive father.

With Rolfe’s strong leadership skills and strategical skills, he continues is an important asset to the Ubuntu Education Fund.