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Melissa Click Tells Her Side of the Story

In November of 2015, Melissa Click became a national name and attained celebrity, but not in the way she was hoping. Click is a communications professor at the University of Missouri who was filmed trying to remove journalists who were covering student protests on campus. She used an unfortunate phrase calling for “some muscle” to escort one particular journalist away. The public backlash to the video of Click was intense.


Many who saw the video felt it was a blatant attack on the First Amendment right to the freedom of speech and also to the idea of freedom of the press. Click was severely punished in the aftermath. She was suspended from teaching while the university investigated the matter and she even suffered legal charges. Melissa click was formally charged with misdemeanor assault and local lawmakers have also demanded she be fired from her position. Some threats were even made against her and she has been the subject of insult and ridicule on a frequent basis.


Click feels that her words were taken out of context and that she has been treated unfairly. She wants to tell her side of the story. In order to get her side of things out to the public, Click sought the help of Status Labs a reputation management and public relations firm based in Austin, Texas. Status Labs arranged for Click to give several interviews with the press in the hopes of clearing her name and character.


First, Melissa Click apologizes for the words she spoke on that day. She says she truly did not intend harm to come to any journalists as a result of her action and her words came out from a burst of irrational anger. She just hopes that her critics will remember that she has been teaching students for 12 years and was respected as a teacher the entire time. She acknowledges her error in judgment and asks the public for forgiveness.


Darius Fisher, the president of Status Labs, felt it was important for his firm to represent Click. He believes she has been unfairly treated by the media, and she deserves sympathy because her angry words were intended to protect the students who were protesting.

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