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ClassDojo Changing The Face of Teaching

ClassDojo began as a developmental platform that assisted communications between parents and teachers. The main idea behind the site was to be a help for parents and teachers to assist their pupils in continued growth in their studies. Since its humble beginnings, ClassDojo has grown to become one of the most accessed developmental teaching helps available today.

It goes without saying that without a proper way to access and convey ideas, teaching individuals core materials and ideas become troublesome. When a student is involved in a classroom work, and doesn’t understand his or her lessons or general concepts, is a failure all the way around, not only for the students, but also for teachers and parents who are trying to assist and better their pupils.

ClassDojo has managed to raise $21 million for its initial expansion. It is their hopes that the helper will become an application that is used by many schools to better bridge the gap between faculty, parents and students. The founders of the platform, Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don believe that the time for a platform such as acceptance arrived.

In today’s expanding digital age, school necessities are being replaced as the technology allows. In many cases, where students would have to support their studies with a plethora of huge physical books, now the digital age has allowed thousands of pages of material to be held in a single electronic file, which can then be read using any one of a number of different reading tools. In much the way technology has changed the face of education, Class Dojo is trying to change and better the way students, teachers and parents communicate with each other. Is there hope that such a increase in proper communication will help students reach their goals in the long run.

Now, five years after their initial startup, the application boasts millions of downloads from the Apple Store and Google Play.

With ClassDojo, now parents especially can have a more robust interaction with their sons and daughters as they learn throughout the school year. What many may consider a simple application is changing the effectiveness of teachers, and better equipping them to deal with the problems of students everyday.


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