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OSI Group:From Local Meat Market To International Food Producer

The OSI Group is a world leader in the production and distribution of food products to businesses worldwide. From its headquarters in Aurora, Illinois, the OSI Group manages its more than 20,000 workers in over 70 production facilities located in almost 20 countries. Founded in the suburbs of Chicago in 1909 as a neighborhood meat market, the company has grown to become the 68th largest business in the United States. Originally, the company was run by the founder Otto Kolschowsky and his sons. However, Sheldon Lavin purchased the company in the 1980s and serves as its CEO.

Ever since its founding more than 100 years ago, the OSI Group has been known for providing the very best food products for supermarkets and restaurants. Under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin the company’s reputation for quality endures. The company is also known for treating it staff like members of an extended family and providing them with many perks. Lavin says that the family atmosphere at the OSI Group and the great treatment staff members receive are two of the things of which he is most proud. Lavin and the OSI Group have also received numerous awards for being great corporate citizens and the environmental sustainability of their operations.

The OSI Group has grown consistently over the years. It went from serving local families to providing choice cuts of meat to restaurants and supermarket to delivering beef patties for the McDonald’s franchise. Under the control of Sheldon Lavin , the company is now in countries all over the world. Not only does the OSI Group provide meat, dough and vegetable products to businesses in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and North, South and Central America, the company also has processing facilities on almost every continent. Their use of local teams helps to make the OSI Group better prepared to meet the culturally based needs of their diverse customer base.

As part of their expansion into the European market, the OSI Group recently purchased both Baho Foods and Flagship Europe. These companies provide a wide range of foods and condiments to more than 20 countries throughout Europe. This enables the OSI Group to increase it footprint in Europe. Its facilities there recently won the British Safety Council’s 2016 Globe of Honor. The OSI Group also expanded its production capabilities in the United States by purchasing a former Tyson Food plant located on Chicago’s South side.

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Logan Stout: A Believer of More Than Just Himself

Logan Stout is more than just another man who wants to make a quick buck or two; in fact he would rather see success in others before himself. In this selfless state of mind came the idea for IDLife, a new company formed by Stout in 2014.

As a budding entrepreneur, Stout first began as a keynote speaker for numerous companies, selling out large arenas while providing the voice to the company’s messages. After his career as a professional baseball player, Stout also founded the Dallas Patriots organization. The Dallas Patriots is one of the world’s largest baseball organizations that try to teach and provide guidance to the youth in their organization.

From the beginnings and the roots of the Dallas Patriots came the idea for IDLife. He saw companies that were selling products designed for weight-loss being marketed as one-size fits all. But he realized that he best way for people to truly lose weight effectively was to make a supplement that is specific to the individual. He also realized that providing the guidance for people in weight-loss may help them in the long run in the weight-loss battle. IDLife has a free assessment for all potential clients, where upon completion are given a specific supplement that is made from high-quality ingredients, is non-GMO, and is gluten and soy-free. Along with this, IDLife also provides each individual with health goals, along with health history to show the progress of each individual. This information can be tracked through IDLife, as well as through Garmin wearable fitness accessories. A new partnership with Garmin in July of 2017 will allow IDLife clients to track their health history with more information on Garmin technology.

Logan Stout has always been about helping provide guidance for those who seek it. As a devote Christian, Stout follows the Bible religiously, calling it the most influential book of all time. With the formation of IDLife, he now has become someone that people can turn to for guidance in their lives.

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How Eric Lefkofsky Plans To Fight Cancer

A Billionaire Chooses A New Fight

Eric Lefkofsky has done well for himself over the course of his life. Thanks to smart investments and numerous start ups he has founded, Lefkofsky currently has a net worth of more than $1 billion. He doesn’t hoard his wealth or hesitate to help others in need with his wealth. In fact, Lefkofsky has set a new goal for himself. With the help of Big Data analytics, he wants to finally put an end to cancer.

Big Data Paves A Way

The latest startup from Lefkofsky is Tempus. Designed with Big Data analytics in mind, Tempus helps physicians treat cancer patients by creating custom therapy solutions based around the unique genomic sequence of every person. One person, for instance, may have a weaker immune system than most patients. This would mean that Tempus would avoid recommending immunotherapy based cancer treatments because the patient would not do well. The ultimately end goal for all of this is to give patients the benefits of personalized medicine. Treating every patient with medicine designed specifically for each individual is the future of healthcare in America.

Commitment To The Greater Good

The career and life of Eric Lefkofsky has always involved finding ways to make life better for others. Much of his philanthropy work is centered around the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. With the assistance of his wife Liz Lefkofsky, he uses the foundation to help other hundreds of charities around the world doing everything from scientific research to humanitarian aid. However, the greatest area of interest for Lefkofsky is assisting children in need. Helping those who are unable to help themselves is the greatest value Lefkofsky holds, and helping children is essentially a way of building a brighter future.

A Bright Future Ahead

Entrepreneurship is a very difficult profession. In order to reach the point that he has, Lefkofsky had to make accurate predictions and act on them quickly. His latest mission, curing cancer, isn’t too easy either. However, his years of experience give him the perfect position to tackle cancer. He understands the power of Big Data and how Big Data has changed marketing and other areas of industry. He predicts a similar revolution will occur in medicine with the help of Big Data. If Eric Lefkofsky is proven right, we may witness an entirely new world of medicine in practice.