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Talking Open Society with George Soros

With an estimated $12 billion that he has handed out up to now, George Soros is regarded among the first philanthropists in the world. George Soros has gone ahead to support and fund organizations as well as individuals from all over the world that are fighting for transparency, freedom of expression, societies championing equality and justice as well as accountable government. His funding is always aimed at those that are going through discrimination because of who they are as a person. George Soros has funded groups that support LGBTI, Europe’s Roma People, Sex Workers, and also Drug Users. Back in Hungary, where he was born in 1930 and raised, George Soros himself has experienced first-hand intolerance as a Jew during the Nazi occupation between 1944 and 1945. The Nazi occupation saw the murder of half a million Jews in Hungary, but despite this, his whole family managed to survive by attaining false documentation to hide their roots as well as those of others.

George Soros fled Budapest as the Communists joined forces in 1947 to go to London. While there, George served as a railway porter on a part-time contract alongside serving as a waiter at a night club to be able to fund his schooling at the London School of Economics. He then went on to leave London for the USA in 1956 to venture into the investments and finance world where he would be able to make a great fortune for himself. George Soros then proceeded to begin a hedge fund of his own known as the Soros Fund Management in 1970 which turned him into one of the investors who is highly regarded for their success in America. Using the fortune that he made off the hedge fund, George Soros went all out to give birth to the Open Society Foundations. The foundation is a network of partners, projects, and foundations that reach out to over 100 countries. The name of the foundation shows Karl Popper’s philosophy influencing George’s mindset. George Soros came to encounter the philosophy for the first time while attending London School of Economics.

George Soros started out his philanthropic venture in 1979 by providing black South Africans facing apartheid with scholarships. He also aided the open exchange of ideas in the Communist Eastern Bloc in the 1980s by availing photocopiers to print texts that were initially banned. He then bore the Central European University in the Berlin Wall fall, which was aimed to be a critical thinking space which was a new concept at the time in many of the universities in the previous Society states. George Soros also provided funds to the cultural exchanges between Western Europe and the East which helped the Soviet society he once called home.George Soros came to understand the philosophy of Karl Popper about no one having any access to the whole truth upon further research where he learned that it is because it is in the same universe we live in that we are all trying to understand.

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Paul Mampilly’s Financial Achievements

Paul Mampilly is the President of Profits Unlimited. Before establishing his firm, Paul Mampilly worked in Wall Street. Paul joined Wall Street in 1991. Paul Mampilly served as the assistant portfolio manager at the Bankers Trust sector. After some time, Paul was promoted to other executive positions. Paul Mampilly advanced to top positions at the ING and Deutsche Bank. Paul was in charge of multimillion-dollar accounts at the bank. Later, other firms saw Paul’s management capabilities. In 2006, Kinetics Asset Management made Paul in charge of their hedge fund.

After a decade, Paul Mampilly joined Banyan Hill Publishing. Paul served as the company’s senior editor. Paul’s specialty was to offer help to Main Street Americans in becoming wealthy. Paul Mampilly achieved this by enhancing growth in investments, technology, unique opportunities and small-cap stocks. In his career experience, Paul has taken part in investment competitions. The most prestigious one was the competition organized by the Templeton Foundation. The task of the investment competition was to achieve the largest profits. Paul Mampilly managed to generate an $88 million returns from a start up amount of $50 million.

Paul’s daily routine at work has not changed for fifteen years. Once Paul gets up, his first task is to look through news from all the markets including North America and Canadian markets. Paul brings his ideas to life by conducting extensive research. Paul Mampilly involves his team in his research. Any stock pick that Paul addresses has usually undergone research of 30 to 40 hours. Paul loves demonstrating ideas using examples. Using examples makes it easier for readers to understand the information that Mampilly intends to pass to them.

For over 25 years of experience, Paul Mampilly has maintained his specialty in finance. Paul has covered health care and biotech as a portfolio manager and analyst. Paul has worked in several banks globally. Some of the banks include ING and Bankers Trust. Paul Mampilly has also collaborated with notable clients including European aristocracy, Swiss private banks and Royal Bank of Scotland.

In 2016, Paul became a member of The Sovereign Society. He serves as the Senior Editor. Paul is also the editor at the Profits Unlimited which is released on a monthly basis. Profits Unlimited is a newsletter whose primary focus is in finding profits in various cutting-edge inventories.