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WEN by Chaz Dean Provides Great Locks All Day Long

After seeing the WEN by Chaz Dean YouTube ads showing how the hair products can turn ordinary hair into luxurious locks, Emily McClure of Bustle magazine decided to discover what the hype was about for herself by completing a trial of the hair products and reporting back to the Bustle audience.

Emily started with the Wen Cleansing Conditioner on the first day of the trial. She noted that after a day of traveling, her hair was greasy and difficult to manage, but she was still reluctant to apply the full 16-24 pumps of conditioner recommended on the bottle. However, after washing and drying her hair, she found it to be shinier and with more volume than before, in addition to the fact that she seemed to shed less hair in the shower. A shower the next day quickly rejuvenated her hair again as well.

The third day went even better; after washing and using the conditioner again, Emily found that her hair was shiny and felt great. She even used some of her normal styling products, and at the end of the day her hair was still healthy-looking and fully of shine. By the sixth day of her trial, Emily found that her routine had improved her results even more. By showering with WEN by Chaz Dean in the morning, she found she had full, luxurious hair all day long, despite any daily trials. She reported that her friends even commented on how great and shiny her hair looked while she was using the product.

The WEN by Chaz Dean products are perfect for on-the-go women who still care about looking great. They are an all-in-one product that replaces shampoo, conditioner, and styling gels. The extensive line of products means that there is a perfect formula for any hair type. Wen is available online via Amazon and local beauty product stores nationwide. For more info, see