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Securus Technology Offers Safety to the World

Securus Technologies is a system used by many correctional facilities as a way to ease the communication of incarcerated individuals with their families and loved ones. Additionally, it offers critical information to the correctional facilities personnel, closes the gaps in difficult and complicated investigations. This system has become incredibly useful and reliable.

Besides offering communication, Securus Technologies also offers safety solutions when handling law enforcement. It can be used in the collection, visualization, consolidation, and distribution of information that is essential in real life scenarios. The functionality of this system is important when it comes to dealing with an emergency response that needs to be dealt with immediately. Such situations include public safety, connecting responders to emergency dispatchers and also mobile law enforcement.

When looking for operative criminal and civil technology solutions, Securus is an incredibly impressive technology that makes the experience of imprisoned individuals different. They have the ability to connect with the public. It makes it easier and safer for everyone while helping them keep in touch with their friends. Additionally, Securus also allows the inmates to contact each other safely as well as connect easily and safely with technology. In summary, this system is used in information management, communication, incident management, information verification, investigation, in monitoring products and services, and most of all inmate self-service.

The headquarters of Securus Technologies is in Dallas, Texas and serves more than 3,400 agents and 1.2 million prisoners in North America. This firm has the ability to make the entire world a safer place while keeping us connected with our loved ones. It has high-tech software solutions with the best quality to provide the greatest economics to their many clients.

Secures Technologies focusses on the safety of the world while ensuring that loved ones stay connected to each other no matter the distance.


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Securus Technologies Assisting Law Enforcement to Prevent Crimes

With the increase in gangs in our community, it puts a serious strain on law enforcement to try and keep the streets safe for all residents. The problem with more gang members in the community is that they tend to scare innocent people to the point they will not help the police for fear that their own families will be hurt. The gangs use that pressure to maintain a net o safety so they can operate without fear of being turned in.


Although the friends and family of the gang members will not talk, in order to get back control of the city, law enforcement has come up with some very creative ways to stay one step ahead of these criminals. Although Securus Technologies installed their call monitoring system inside the jail to keep that facility safe, law enforcement outside the jail has been discovering this is a valuable resource to help prevent crimes outside the jail too.


Securus Technologies is based out of Texas, has 1,000 employees, and the CEO of the company, Rick Smith, says his team is committed to making the world safe for all. Currently you can find over two thousand of these call monitoring systems in jails all around the country. Although they allow officers to discover drugs and weapons in the jail, it also helps when you get inmates telling law enforcement exactly what they will be doing on the outside.


Inmates who are also gang members, love using the phone in jail to stay in contact with their soldiers on the street. If a gang leader calls to have drugs brought to the jail, we make arrests. If gang members call to put a hit on anyone, we are there too. Each time a gang member using the phone, we can prevent the crime from happening.


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Securus Technologies Inc. Continues to Quality Services

Securus Technologies Inc. is one of the leaders in the provision of communication services in prisons. We have been in the forefront always to ensure that our customers are getting quality services. The organization has been treating our clients as part of the group, and their comment matters a lot in our business and service we offer. In Securus Technologies Inc. we have been upgrading our services and products to ensure quality services.

We have also been receiving thousands of emails and letters from the inmates, family and friends on how to improve our services as well as how they have benefited from our services and products. Some of the comments are as listed below.

  • One of the clients said that our LBS Software system has been helpful and they believe will also be of benefit in the future.
  • Another customer mentioned that they listened to a conversation between an inmate and their family and the conversation gave some information that will be essential in the case of the detainee.
  • The report data that we deliver has been a benefit to a number of organization in helping to curb contraband goods.

Securus Technologies Inc. is a leading service provider of communication services as well as products to the correctional institutions. Securus Technologies was founded in 1986, and it has its Headquarters in Dallas Texas with other regional offices in Carrollton, Allen, and Atlanta Georgia. Since the Company was established, it has been marvelously growing, and we have been serving correctional institutions and staffs across the Northern part of America. We serve more than 3450 correctional facilities and more than 260000 inmates.

In Securus Technologies we are committed to offering emergency response, public information, investigation, biometric analysis, inmates self-services, data management, communication as well as monitoring of services and products to ensure safety in the prisons as well as the world in general. Our as Securus Technologies mission is always to connect what matters.