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Norka Luque’s Rock And Roll Reggae Sound Is On Fire In Latin America

Latinos love music and dancing. Some of the best musicians come from all over the world, but the countries in Latin America seem to produce more unique musicians than any other culture. A good example of a fresh Latino sound is catching on across Latin America and the United States. That sound belongs to Venezuelan singer Norka Luque. Norka is a rare talent, and she has already been called the new Gloria Estefan not because she sounds like Gloria, but because she has that unusual talent that can’t be denied. Norka has released three singles, and all three have hit the dance charts with a bang, and she is headed for international stardom.

Norka started her musical career at the age of eight in Caracas. Her mother and father recognized her talent and encouraged her to perform. Norka took voice and piano lessons most of her life, and when she graduated and moved to France to study she started to use the tools her parents gave her. Norka studied business administration while she was living in France, but she also joined a rock group that played in the French dance clubs. Norka’s unique sound was a hit, and the tiny clubs were filled with people that came to hear her sing and dance to her music.

Ricky Martin, the Latino heartthrob, was performing in France in 2007, and Norka got tickets for one of his concerts. Martin was one of her childhood idols so attending the concert was a thrill. While she danced to the Latino beat at the concert, Norka Luque knew that sound was her destiny. She knew she had to leave France and move to the United States to enter the next phase of her musical career. It didn’t take long for Norka to be discovered once she landed a singing job in a Miami dance club. Emilio Estefan, the big-time music producer, came to hear Norka sing one night, and he offered her a recording contract that same night.

Estefan and the famous Latino composer Archie Pena produced her first record and that record that would put Norka on the fast track to stardom. In 2011, her first single, “Can I do It Tu” hit the Billboard Dance Charts and Norka was nominated as one of the best female vocalists that year. In 2012, her second Single, “Milagro” reached #11 on the Dance Charts and it stayed on the Venezuelan Charts for 14 straight weeks. Norka is a star, and she is on her way to rock and roll reggae fame and glory. Follow Luque on Twitter @norkaluque to learn more.