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FreedomPop continues global expansion

Founded in 2011, mobile service upstart FreedomPop offers users basic cellular, voice and data plans plus low-cost Wi-Fi services that provide users with unlimited use and automatic sign-out at 10 million hotspots across the United States at a nominal cost. This FreedomPop review shows the service could be shake-up for higher rate premium carriers that have rolled out their own LTE services.

The company’s freemium services began with the goal of bridging the digital divide by providing fast free internet to all users and they have by providing users with 500 MB of free 4G data each month. The service’s wireless network operates across multiple devices on Android and iOS. FreedomPop as connections with McDonald’s, Starbucks, Burger King plus Best Buy with more hotspots continuing to be added. The company has also added a sizable amount to its bankroll in January to continue a global rollout for international customers. Products include a new ‘free hotspot’ at an initial low-cost that gives freedom Pop users free data in 25 countries plus a SIM accessing free calls in multiple regions in Europe.

There are indications that the company is in talks with their investors to include investment from Uber. The potential, as yet undisclosed new investor may also integrate FreedomPop with other services within its portfolio. Company insiders have also advised they are making significant headway in working with new carriers to grow its services both, domestically and internationally. Customers of FreedomPop pay only for what they use helping its international expansion continue to grow with services within the United Kingdom market seeing a conversion rate of over 45 percent after its service launch into the U.K. market in 2015.

The FreedomPop SIM provides coverage in Europe with plans to continue expansion into France, Germany, Italy and more with reports advising there will be coverage extended to 40 countries by year’s end 2016, including Asia and Latin America.