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Dispute between District Attorney and Police Union

We all know that words are very powerful and we should be careful with what we say. George Gascon, District Attorney in San Francisco, has openly criticized the police union which he had worked closely with for years. His largest concern has been the police department’s diversity of employees. Gary Delagnes, a former president of the Police Officers Association stated that the police union makes it difficult to enact any type of reform when it comes to diversity among hires. Delagnes was on the police force for 25 years. He was also president of the POA for nine years. He retired in 2013. He remembers a 2010 dinner which Gascon was meeting for a police union leadership conference. Gascon was drinking heavily and making several derogatory remarks about minorities. He became loud and was approached by an African American who said his family was offended by his behavior and remarks.

With two men at odds, both tried to communicate better and handle situations in a more professional manner. Both men having ties with police work soon won out over their differences. They continued to work on matters of diversity and both men handled themselves with class and professionalism. Both agreed that nothing good would come from discussions that were meant to be personal. Off the record discussions were probably taken out of context and when both men disagreed they used their own words to create negative publicity. Both men have served his prospective jobs well and with class and dignity.


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