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George Soros Urges Democrat’s To Take The Fight To Donald Trump

It is fair to say the hedge fund legend George Soros is not a supporter of the incoming U.S. President Donald Trump, during the 2016 election campaign Soros went so far as to accuse Trump of doing the work of ISIS through his divisive rhetoric. The rise of what has been described as the ‘alt-right’ has obviously been of concern to George Soros as he has been inspired to return to political campaigning in the U.S. at a level on Snopes that has not been seen since the 2004 election when the Hungarian born liberal backed John Kerry over Republican President George W. Bush.

In the buildup to the 2016 election cycle on Politico in the U.S. George Soros has been seen to be more active than at any time in the last decade after he became outspoken about a number of events around the world, including the ongoing Greek debt crisis and the refugee crisis Soros believes has been driven by a Russian bombing campaign. In response to these events, George Soros formed a closer working relationship with Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton that saw the two discussing policy and campaign options on a regular basis. In return Soros provided around $25 million in funding with $15 million being provided directly to the campaign of the former First Lady.

As if to emphasize the concern George Soros has for the events taking place around the world he bypassed the Democratic National Convention on where Clinton was awarded the party’s nomination, in order to monitor the problems of debt and refugees within the borders of the European Union. Over the course of the 2016 election campaign George Soros was not only concerned with the major national elections for the President and various houses in Washington D.C. he also spent a large amount of time and money looking to assist candidates from the Democratic party who he feels could make an impression on the U.S. criminal justice system as a whole; a major emphasis was placed on pushing forward the candidacy of minority group members on who are not represented in large numbers at state and local levels.

The best efforts of George Soros and his fellow donors may not have helped bring victory for Hillary Clinton, but the man who made a reported $1 billion in a single day when the British currency was devalued in the 1990s has not decided the time has come to stand aside. Instead, Soros is hoping to lead the Democrat’s on a comeback that will begin with a dedicated push to win victories during the 2017 and 2018 state level election season that must be won to seize back some form of control in Washington for Democrat’s. Soros used a Democracy Alliance event held days after the Presidential election to discuss how best to fight the policies of Donald Trump and Republican’s who many Democrat’s feel will attempt to destroy the legacy of President Barrack Obama.