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“Hillary Clinton is a better candidate” Says Charles Koch

Charles Koch is a wealthy influential business person in the US. He is estimated to have $41.5 billion according to Forbes as of June 2015. He is married and is the CEO of the biggest private firm called Koch Industries Inc. Charles Koch diversified his father’s oil company into a petroleum products trading company that exist in about 60 countries around the world. Koch is the 18th richest man in the world and a philanthropist. Koch extended a business that he inherited from his father by 2,600 times. Charles Koch, Author of the book “Good Profit,” said that a framed letter left for him by his father, that outlines the approach he and his brothers should follow when managing their family fortune has helped him manage his business.

ABC News met Charles Koch last week at his company’s headquarters in Wichita, Kansas. Koch has for some time been very influential and controversial force in the Republican politics. However, Charles Koch pointed out that Hillary Clinton could make a better president of the US compared to the remaining candidates in the Republican Party. Koch also said that he believes Bill Clinton was a better president in some ways, in that there was less government spending than in George W. Bush tenure. Even though Hillary gained Koch’s Favor here, Koch didn’t mention that he will be supporting her in her 2016 presidential race.

Koch notes that the American economy is ”rigged” for the wealthy, and there should be a policy to change that. Koch said that Republicans have been blocking many big spending initiatives, but their pleas to reform the tax system despite lobbying for the vast repeal of subsidies and exemptions in the U.S. tax code have not been fully satisfied. Koch notes that the Republicans have implemented tax breaks here and there, but they need to be done away with fully. Koch says this is because it has been hard to find someone in politics who has the courage to change the norm in the government and do what will help the people in improving their lives.

Koch has pointed out that he has no control over the Republican Party since the U.S. would have a two-tiered system in place. There would be welfare for the wealthy and tax code that subsidize the wealthy. Since there is none, it’s clear that Koch controls nothing in the Republican Government. Koch has therefore not thrown any support to any of the Republican nominees as none has talked about the two-tiered system and how to get rid of it.

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