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Rising Prices Driving out Residents

The bay are is the undisputed technological capital of the World, as just about every major internet and technological company has their company rooted between the major cities of San Francisco, San Jose, and Oakland. The entire bay area has expanded in a myriad of ways over the last few years, jobs have been created as companies have poured in, but there have been a ton of problems that have come as well. First and foremost is the fact that housing prices have gone through the roof. Homes in San Jose have blossomed up to well over a million dollars, and to rent a moderate apartment in San Francisco, you would be lucky to be paying less then four or five thousand dollars. The entire bay area has seen a massive increase in traffic, with special lanes being constructed and tolls being paid to drive in certain lanes during rush hour.
There is one thing that just over a third of all people in the region have on their minds, and that is getting out of the area. For people that have lived in the bay area for their entire lives, which is a truly amazing place to live, it is incredibly bitter sweet to make the decision to leave. However, when you consider the fact that just by moving over to the Central Valley, you could buy five houses of equal value and likely put enough money in the bank to be set for life. This is especially true if you were doing decent to well in the bay area in recent years. Polls have showed that the bulk of people that want to leave have only been in the area for five years or less, but it really is remarkable to see so many people wanting to leave one of the areas that a ton of people consider one of the most desirable places in the country. Top notch weather, ample high paying jobs, a beautiful landscape, and large amounts of entertainment are not something that most people flee from, so the rising problems in the Bay Area in terms of housing costs and traffic are starting to become very apparent.

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