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Logan Stout: A Believer of More Than Just Himself

Logan Stout is more than just another man who wants to make a quick buck or two; in fact he would rather see success in others before himself. In this selfless state of mind came the idea for IDLife, a new company formed by Stout in 2014.

As a budding entrepreneur, Stout first began as a keynote speaker for numerous companies, selling out large arenas while providing the voice to the company’s messages. After his career as a professional baseball player, Stout also founded the Dallas Patriots organization. The Dallas Patriots is one of the world’s largest baseball organizations that try to teach and provide guidance to the youth in their organization.

From the beginnings and the roots of the Dallas Patriots came the idea for IDLife. He saw companies that were selling products designed for weight-loss being marketed as one-size fits all. But he realized that he best way for people to truly lose weight effectively was to make a supplement that is specific to the individual. He also realized that providing the guidance for people in weight-loss may help them in the long run in the weight-loss battle. IDLife has a free assessment for all potential clients, where upon completion are given a specific supplement that is made from high-quality ingredients, is non-GMO, and is gluten and soy-free. Along with this, IDLife also provides each individual with health goals, along with health history to show the progress of each individual. This information can be tracked through IDLife, as well as through Garmin wearable fitness accessories. A new partnership with Garmin in July of 2017 will allow IDLife clients to track their health history with more information on Garmin technology.

Logan Stout has always been about helping provide guidance for those who seek it. As a devote Christian, Stout follows the Bible religiously, calling it the most influential book of all time. With the formation of IDLife, he now has become someone that people can turn to for guidance in their lives.

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Edisoft, Your Solution to Supply Chain Challenges

Sometime back, railway operators, measured their on- times with accordance to their departure time whereas motor carriers measured in consideration of their service type. On very rare occasions did companies look at the performance of the multi-mode and multi-leg shipment companies.

When sampling opportunities for supply chain performance, best KPIs should focus on metrics across various functions with their trading partners instead of focusing on the performance of isolated operations of a particular carrier (Career). Edisoft, An internationally recognized company that solves all your shipping troubles and supply chain challenges comes in at this juncture.

Edisoft is an internationally recognized company that was founded in 1995. Its main goal is to provide solutions to the EDI challenges. It focuses on enabling small and medium sized business on connecting easily with their business partners. Edisoft is a company that aims at the supply chain management and performance for industrialists, manufacturers, and distributors.

Edisoft company comprises Edisoft Merchant, Merchant QuickPAK, Merchant Xchangeand many more software connectors who enable the production of the solutions from Bin Tracking all the way to the shipping process. Merchant QuickPAK focuses on warehouse solutions to enable the shipping processes. Be it shipping orders from as many warehouses as possible, Merchant QuickPAK will have the shipping done. In collaboration with ProcessWeaver, Edisoft enables you to pick, pack and ship worldwide. The supply chain results to ERP integration and optimization without customization, More staff productivity, and a more efficient workflow, business processes, and a trustworthy and accurate information for business intelligence.

Supply chain a very crucial aspect to connecting to your customer in your business ( Becoming proficient in you’re the whole supply chain is an added advantage to your business. Understanding the supply chain process guarantees you profit all year round. Edisoft has its offices in Canada and the USA.

Through Edisoft’s techniques and effort has seen various companies prosper. These companies and businesses include Golf Gifts, Shavel products, The Mentholatum Company of Canada Ltd, J.B Weld among many others.