Working with Freedom Debt Relief is the smartest thing you can do when faced with severe debt problems and unable to honor payment obligations. Founded in 2002 by Bradford Stroh and Andrew Housser, Freedom Debt Relief can help you settle your unsecured debts as quickly as possible, instead of filing for bankruptcy. According to Freedom Debt Relief reviews, debt relief begins with a free debt evaluation by a certified debt consultant who explains to you a variety of debt strategies and establishes whether they qualify for the program.

How it works

According to Freedom Debt Relief reviews, the debt relief program is customized based on the amount of monthly deposit you can comfortably pay and that which could offer huge savings compared to depositing minimum payments. Each month, you’ll deposit funds into your FDIC-insured Dedicated Account. As soon as you accumulate adequate funds in your account, the company’s negotiation team contacts your creditors to discuss debt settlement.

Good customer service

Based on several Freedom Debt Relief reviews, staff members at Freedom Debt Relief are knowledgeable, courteous and thorough when explaining to clients on how the program works. Moreover, they provide timely updates and maintain open communication channels once the program is in place thus giving confidence to debtors that their debts are being resolved.

Peace of mind

For debtors, frequent collection calls can become a nuisance and leave you stressed. Working with Freedom Debt Relief spares you from dealing directly with your creditors. It’s nice not to receive calls or emails from your creditors now and then. It gives you the peace of mind to move on with life as Freedom Debt Relief works to resolve your debts.

The many positive Freedom Debt Relief reviews are a testament that Freedom Debt Relief is a trustworthy companion on the road to debt settlement.