Education reform in America will always be the absolute top priority for our current Secretary of Education, Mrs. Betsy DeVos. She has spent her entire life passionately working toward reforming education in the United States and it is the cornerstone of the political work she has done. From things such as encouraging a greater number of choices for families outside what district their home happens to be in, to lunch coupons for lower income families and for Charter Schools to become a greater more feasible option, education is her passion.


However, philanthropy is another passion of hers. Through the work she does with the Betsy and Dick DeVos Foundation, she has donated over one hundred million dollars to a variety of charities and non-profit groups.


Making a Difference at The Potter’s House

My favorite story of the DeVos Family Foundation’s charitable giving comes in the form of a personal relationship that Betsy DeVos has developed with a single school, the Potter’s House Christian School. The school is located in Grand Rapids in the DeVos’s home state of Michigan. Being passionate about education, when Betsy’s own children were nearing the age to choose a school she and her husband wanted to explore absolutely every option before selecting a school. They visited the Potter’s House School and saw such wonderful work being done in the institution that they immediately wanted to get involved.


The Potter’s House serves many low income families and provides a Christian education for students whose families may not have another option to send their children. Many of the public schools in the area are not of the highest caliber in education and parents worry just about keep their child safe when they are in school. The Potter’s House gives these families a second option and offers scholarships for low income families that can’t afford the tuition.


Betsy and Dick DeVos started out by providing scholarships for multiple students. When they saw the immense good those scholarships were doing for these children, they continued to increase their donations. Today, they are one of the largest funders of The Potter’s School and have helped many children receive a quality Christian education. The education these children have received is a testament to how financial giving can help even the playing field through the power of a quality education.


What’s On the Horizon for Betsy DeVos

Serving as the U.S. Secretary of Education is by no means an easy feat. While Betsy DeVos continues to make real change in education reform in the political arena, she has pledged to continue to increase giving from the DeVos Family Foundation. I am excited to follow the growth of the foundation as well as her work in education reform to track the tangible change.


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