Life can be a bit strange at times, especially when it comes to people who are in the limelight. It seems like the people who do great things for society aren’t household names. On the hand, celebrities and professional athletes get all of the credit even though don’t really do anything to better mankind. Ted Bauman of Atlanta, Georgia, is one of those extraordinary persons, but he doesn’t seem to get any credit for his accomplishments. This guy is a man of many acts as he has worked with prominent clients such as the World Bank, the United Nations, European grant-making agencies and the South African Government. Bauman is truly a philanthropist deep down, but he specializes in asset protection.

What ever tax bracket that you’re in, you should always strive to build, store and protect your assets. The world is basically a capitalistic society in general. Corporate greed and government oversight seems to have a hand in just about every business matter. Unfortunately, this is the world we live in. Bauman has a passion for helping others. It’s all about finding resources. Once you find the resources then they should be connected with the people that needs it the most. This notion is easier said than done, but Bauman sticks by this tried and true principle. This guy has worked with numerous international housing projects. Thanks to working in this demanding field, he has visited nearly 75 different countries on a global scale. This includes the continents of Africa, Europe, Asia and the Americas. Education is a must and Bauman hasn’t been a slacker in this department. He has attended the University of Cape Town, and he finished college with postgraduate degrees in economics and history. After college, Bauman continued to live and work in the area for next 25 years. He’s held executive roles as well as being a fund manager for lower-cost housing projects.

As of today, this brilliant-minded guy resides in Atlanta with his loving family. He has worked as the editor of multiple publications such as Plan B Club, Alpha Stock Alert and The Bauman Letter. For those who are looking for informative material, you can follow Bauman on his daily newsletter.