On May 5, 2016, PRNewswire ran an article about Kevin Seawright and RPS Solutions LLC. The article talks about their joint venture to make affordable housing available in the city of Baltimore, Md. Mr. Seawright founded the partnership with RPS Solutions LLC as a way to grow the city.

The initial goal was to put together a system that would help people achieve home ownership. The idea was to move the needle above the current ownership rate of 48.3% thus creating more economic opportunity for all who live there.

Kevin celebrates each new homeowner as a step in the right direction toward their goal of raising the percentage. One of the most significant benefits the program hopes to achieve is improving the stability of neighborhoods and communities. Settling things down breeds economic growth.

The partnership offers interested buyers real estate services by hooking them up with mortgage lenders, construction services, and individuals interested in investing in the area by renovating fixer-upper housing units.

Everyone involved is convinced that reaching the goal is possible because of the ongoing efforts of Mr. Seawright and the RPS team. Kevin has worked to improve communities for close to fifteen years. He has held numerous positions in local governments and has an extensive background in accounting and financial management.

He has spent time and effort along the eastern seaboard developing and improving neighborhoods economically. In 2015, Kevin was added to the Newark CEDC, an organization that drives economic development in New Jersey’s largest city by helping pave the way for new businesses.

CrunchBase says Kevin Seawright has also spent time as an educator, and real estate developer in Washington D.C. It seems he has a passion for taking neighborhoods that are a little run down, physically and economically and bringing them back to life. Many communities in the United States could use someone with that kind of passion. Perhaps Mr. Seawright will eventually move westward. If you are interested, check him out on Twitter.