With the increase in gangs in our community, it puts a serious strain on law enforcement to try and keep the streets safe for all residents. The problem with more gang members in the community is that they tend to scare innocent people to the point they will not help the police for fear that their own families will be hurt. The gangs use that pressure to maintain a net o safety so they can operate without fear of being turned in.


Although the friends and family of the gang members will not talk, in order to get back control of the city, law enforcement has come up with some very creative ways to stay one step ahead of these criminals. Although Securus Technologies installed their call monitoring system inside the jail to keep that facility safe, law enforcement outside the jail has been discovering this is a valuable resource to help prevent crimes outside the jail too.


Securus Technologies is based out of Texas, has 1,000 employees, and the CEO of the company, Rick Smith, says his team is committed to making the world safe for all. Currently you can find over two thousand of these call monitoring systems in jails all around the country. Although they allow officers to discover drugs and weapons in the jail, it also helps when you get inmates telling law enforcement exactly what they will be doing on the outside.


Inmates who are also gang members, love using the phone in jail to stay in contact with their soldiers on the street. If a gang leader calls to have drugs brought to the jail, we make arrests. If gang members call to put a hit on anyone, we are there too. Each time a gang member using the phone, we can prevent the crime from happening.