Securus Technologies is a system used by many correctional facilities as a way to ease the communication of incarcerated individuals with their families and loved ones. Additionally, it offers critical information to the correctional facilities personnel, closes the gaps in difficult and complicated investigations. This system has become incredibly useful and reliable.

Besides offering communication, Securus Technologies also offers safety solutions when handling law enforcement. It can be used in the collection, visualization, consolidation, and distribution of information that is essential in real life scenarios. The functionality of this system is important when it comes to dealing with an emergency response that needs to be dealt with immediately. Such situations include public safety, connecting responders to emergency dispatchers and also mobile law enforcement.

When looking for operative criminal and civil technology solutions, Securus is an incredibly impressive technology that makes the experience of imprisoned individuals different. They have the ability to connect with the public. It makes it easier and safer for everyone while helping them keep in touch with their friends. Additionally, Securus also allows the inmates to contact each other safely as well as connect easily and safely with technology. In summary, this system is used in information management, communication, incident management, information verification, investigation, in monitoring products and services, and most of all inmate self-service.

The headquarters of Securus Technologies is in Dallas, Texas and serves more than 3,400 agents and 1.2 million prisoners in North America. This firm has the ability to make the entire world a safer place while keeping us connected with our loved ones. It has high-tech software solutions with the best quality to provide the greatest economics to their many clients.

Secures Technologies focusses on the safety of the world while ensuring that loved ones stay connected to each other no matter the distance.