Jason Halpern is the principal in the company JMH Development. In 2015 JMH opened a gorgeous hotel located in Miami Beach. This project includes 235 rooms and a tower eight stories tall. The actual building was handled by Plaza Construction, whose architect is Aloft South Beach or ASB. The hotels rooms are much larger than the competitors, with a size of 360 square feet each. This waterfront property accesses the Collins canal will surround the property.


This property is located directly in the heart of South Beach, putting it within a few minutes distance of some of the cities major attractions and amenities. From culture to shopping to fine dining, it is all readily available and close by. The outside pool, lounge on the roofs deck, and center for fitness make this a beautiful, decadent hotel. The live bands featured there make this a worthwhile location for anyone wanting an attractive get away.


Jason Halpern was born in 1975 and is predominantly a developer in the real estate field. He has restored quite a few historic buildings in his career. He took control of his families business in 2010. There is over $500 million dollars invested in state projects for New York. One of these specific projects involves creating luxury town homes in Brooklyn New York. Jason Halpern has committed himself to the creation of beautiful, creative buildings to grace both properties for rent as well as commercial properties in New York.


John Halpern has built up JMH through a combination of due diligence, adept strategies, the branding of the company and an expertise in marketing. He has put together a specialized team who understand every facet of development in both the residential and commercial markets. His expertise has allowed him to develop a rather unique knowledge of what is needed in the market to make his company a thriving success. There is absolutely no doubt that he represents only the highest standards of quality, in the most well build and long standing of properties. His devotion and dedication to the complete restoration of historical properties makes his contributions and experience an exceptional value for New York.