When people think about dating and relationships, among the things they are going to say is that it is very hard for them to enter into a relationship. There are tons of frustrated people in the dating game. Many of them are men who are very desperate to find someone. However, men are not the only one that are frustrated with the online dating world as it is. There are others that are having trouble with online dating. Women are having a hard time finding someone that is ell matched to them. Fortunately, there is a solution to the issue that is coming forth from feminist Whitney Wolfe.

Whitney Wolfe has started up Bumble as the answer to the online dating industry. She has taken a different approach to online dating in order to make it easier for women to use. The best part is that it is not just women who benefit greatly from Whitney Wolfe’s app. The men are also seeing the advantage of an account with Bumble as well. Bumble has turned out to be a hit with people. More people are learning about the advantages of Bumble from many satisfied members who have successfully met someone.

One of the purposes behind Bumble is to encourage women to take initiative. Women have been long made to believe that they have to wait for the men to make a move. However, Whitney has made it a point to make clear to women that they do not have to wait for the man to make a move. For one thing, people that wait for something to come their way are going to find that it is not what they wanted. Whitney Wolfe is empowering and encouraging women and other people to go after what they truly want so that they can enjoy some major successes.

Whitney Wolfe’s encouragement is going beyond the dating and relationships industry and is going even into the workforce. Women are learning how to move forward with their goals and work with one another so that they will be able to support one another.

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