Walmart now sells nearly all Beneful’s dog food products that they have available for purchase. Beneful makes wet dog food, dry dog food, and dog treats for when your dog a delicious treat for being so good. Beneful’s most popular dog food that they sell is their Beneful originals which comes in three different flavors and is one of their dry dog food blends. Beneful originals is a great dry dog food blend with lots of delicious flavor in it but it also is made with only the most natural of ingredients so owners can have peace of mind when it comes to feeding their dog.

The three different flavors that Beneful originals is offered in is chicken, salmon, or beef. Salmon is the perfect flavor choice for dogs who like fish more then they like other meat such as chicken or beef. If you are interested in buying Beneful Originals from Walmart you can get it in the pet section in the aisle where all the other dog food is located and it is available for the most reasonable price around compared to any other store out there. If you find Beneful for a cheaper price at another store you can bring the ad in from the other store to Walmart and price match it to get the lowest price available on your dog food. You can also use any Beneful manufacturer coupons that you have at Walmart stores when purchasing Beneful dog food. Just make sure that the food you are purchasing matches the same type of food including size that is on the coupon. Oftentimes people bring a coupon to the cashier and then realize they can’t use it because they did not match the dog food they were buying with what was offered on the coupon. Click here to watch video.