Whitney Wolfe knows that she has a very successful company on her hand when it comes to Bumble. She is so confident in her company that she has actually passed up $450 million dollars. Wolfe did not want to sell her company because Whitney Wolfe feels that she is just getting started. She is in a great place to pursue her dreams, and Bumble has a lot more growing to do.

The dating app portion of this company has already become a phenomenal app that reaches millions of people. This is the beginning of her success in the app world. Whitney Wolfe knew that people would gravitate towards the innovation that she has put into place.

She has become someone that is incredibly fond of all the different types of things that can be done with social media. Wolfe not want to pigeonhole herself into the dating arena alone. This is why she has expanded her company to also include app enhancements for people that only want to make friends. This is called Bumble BFF. She also created a networking enhancement for people that wanted to socialize and build better career connections. This is called Bumble Bizz.

Whitney Wolfe does not have any plans of selling company anytime soon because she is much more focused on the way that she can expand her business. She realizes that she is the only female that has a dating app. Wolfe is in a CEO position, and she does not want to turn that type of power over because she is making changes. She does not want to go back to a world where there is no lady that is in a position of power in social media. Right now she has a platform that she can expand, and she has quite a bit of input from other ambitious females like herself. This is how she chooses to make changes in the social media world. She wants to be the voice for women that would otherwise not have any voice through social media. She wants to change the structure of social media.

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